Incredible chicken poultry farming technology in factory. Amazing automatic poultry plants machine

2020. 08. 22.
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Incredible chicken poultry farming technology in factory. Amazing automatic poultry plants machine.
Success Of The Whole Team by WinnieTheMoog
Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende
Happy Whistling Ukulele by Rafael Krux
In this video:
1. FIT
2. Farm Technology Group
3. Willamette Valley
4. LKFresh Malaysia
5. Poultry Processing Line

  • Nice

    Md haider RazaMd haider Raza3 시간 전
  • No ay economía o apoyo para para granja de ganados en México un gobierno k nos apoye para tener producion

    Marcos MonrroyMarcos Monrroy3 일 전
  • पोलिट्री फार्म वालो तुम्हे नरक मे भी जगह नही मिलेगी। कसम खुदा कि यदि तुम मेरे सामने होते तो जिंदा धरती मे गाड़ देता।

    deshpal mukharjideshpal mukharji3 일 전
  • As taghn pirulah hai azim dok dok tui aku saya salah sahar ne ne amin

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  • Alham dul lil lah separowan ayam jip jin na

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  • Ye sab band kr do meri aapse request hai ....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Kanha SrivastavaKanha Srivastava6 일 전
  • So let's get this straight Random person kills a pigeon on the street - illegal Factory farm puts chickens in industrial blenders - legal. WTF talk about favoring corporations.

    BalargusBalargus6 일 전
    • This is a fucking Holocaust and no one gives a damn

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
  • A horror soundtrack goes better haha

    Cabezón TV I FilmCabezón TV I Film9 일 전
    • @Balargus I guess you are talking to yourself mate.

      Cabezón TV I FilmCabezón TV I Film6 일 전
    • Screw that. I get off on seeing chickens die.

      BalargusBalargus6 일 전
  • This channel is the absolute king of clickbait titles.

    DaveDave10 일 전
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  • Bonjour

    Flor MargaritaFlor Margarita10 일 전
  • This was a cruel video to make. You should have placed a disclaimer on it warning of chickens being killed and processed. I had to deal with a sad child. There's nothing like starting a video of cute baby chicks and a child holding one in delight, to grown, to boiling alive, to swinging on metal racks with their guts hanging out. And the music sounded dreamy like everything was okay. Small children who love animals just don't understand. This is how it is and is grown up stuff.

    NIGHTOWL 1963NIGHTOWL 196311 일 전
    • The music serves to normalize it as if this is fun for the chicks

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
  • I'm gettin'hungry.,👍

    Dave BlevinsDave Blevins11 일 전
    • Y7

      Saurabh SaurabhSaurabh Saurabh4 일 전
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  • Amazing

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  • What a random thumbnail.

    Pigga LoverPigga Lover12 일 전
  • Good idea

  • People are like where's the bikini knife wielding lady? lol

    David WarmsDavid Warms12 일 전
    • She's at 7:25.

      gina farduccigina farducci11 일 전
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  • دجاج نظيف اما بالسعوديه دجاج يجيب الأمراض

    هيثم عطيههيثم عطيه13 일 전
  • जीव की रक्षा करो जीव को मारकर मत खाओ यह इंसान का कर्म नहीं है इससे बढ़िया इंसान को टट्टी खाना सीख लेना चाहिए फ्री में

    Chothmal YogiChothmal Yogi13 일 전
    • बिल्कुल सही कहा। क्रूरता की सभी सीमाएँ समाप्त हो चुकी हैं।

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
    • Hehy

      W2K WAR 2 KILLW2K WAR 2 KILL13 일 전
  • como le hacen estos a esos probres animales nadien como tantos pollos estupidos dejen de matar animales cuando falte comida hay empiecen a matar no ahora estupidos

    diego urradiego urra13 일 전
  • where is the naked gal in the thumbnail??

    yusuf salehyusuf saleh14 일 전
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    A A F KuA A F Ku14 일 전
  • Camp de concentration ,pas croyable et la qualité dans tout ça ? le robot qui ramasse les oeufs !

    Christian GossartChristian Gossart14 일 전
  • Очень жестокое видео под веселую музыку...стошнило

    Иван ПетровИван Петров14 일 전
  • صورة الفيديو مو حلوة يعني حاطين صورة شبه اباحية لجذب المشاهدة

    osama salih اسامة صالحosama salih اسامة صالح15 일 전
  • The Chicken prison . . . .

    Malcolm ChiltonMalcolm Chilton16 일 전
  • Vipankumar

    Vipin KumarVipin Kumar16 일 전
  • language of the animals are;Fucking poeple

    MrELorkaMrELorka16 일 전
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      خالد السلميخالد السلمي13 일 전
  • Just cruel, the fact that people take the right to decide between life and death. And that's only because there are people - who need meat, milk and other animal products to live. The builders of such murderous machines, to hell with you. Every animal on this planet has a right to life! I would not murder animals for any money in the world. And so more than 180 billion animals are murdered in the most gruesome way worldwide and every year and the number is increasing every year.

    halima1968halima196817 일 전
    • are they look like they care about it???

      CanerCaner17 일 전
  • இப்படி இந்தியவியல் வருமா? இந்த திருட்டுநாய்கள் ஆளும் வரை வராது.

    selvi wilsonselvi wilson17 일 전

    Eric Zaurrini J.P.Eric Zaurrini J.P.18 일 전
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  • Came here for the chicken 🤫

    Quag MyerQuag Myer18 일 전
  • eh bien je n'ai plus envie de manger de poulets !!!

    Gascon GérardGascon Gérard19 일 전
  • Ghastly chamber of horrors definitely has the wrong music.

    pumpupthevolumepumpupthevolume20 일 전
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      גל חליוהגל חליוה21 일 전
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  • For hundreds of thousands of years, the stew in the pot Has boiled up a resentment very hard to level. If you want to know why there are calamities and wars in the world, Just listen to the sounds from a slaughterhouse at midnight.

    陳國強陳國強24 일 전
    • Glad to see a compassionate Chinese fella

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
    • Si omm a la

      Marcelo RodriguezMarcelo Rodriguez12 일 전
  • 古人有這麼幾句話說:「千百年來碗裡羹,怨深似海恨難平,欲知世上刀兵劫,試聽屠門夜半聲。」

    陳國強陳國強24 일 전
  • 😟¡¡¡ Y así generan su Karma los humanos inconscientes e inpiadosos!!! 🥺

    Celia NancyCelia Nancy26 일 전
  • C'est ce qu'on appel mourir en musique. C'est formidable ¡¡¡

    Sidali CasbadjiSidali Casbadji27 일 전
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    Elena GuadalupeElena Guadalupe28 일 전
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    otreblig1889otreblig188929 일 전
  • gut, dass ich seit Jahren Vegetarier bin!

    vita marvita mar29 일 전
  • I'm proud that I only buy meat from free range animals and never these lousy, cheap discount supermarket products

    Frank PoulsenFrank Poulsen개월 전
    • 7উা

      AB. RashidAB. Rashid22 일 전
  • Good and clean place for chicken poultry

    Jennifer GorzesJennifer Gorzes개월 전
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  • OMG, Are they dipped in the hot water alive?

    Julie KiwiLeeJulie KiwiLee개월 전
    • Very nice , please I will like to know the name of your company and location

      Enyong MarcelEnyong Marcel4 일 전
    • This planet is sick. It sickens me to no end that the vast majority of people don't care. The future generations will remember us as the vilest lowlifes.

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
    • A machine stuns them so they would be desensitized, then another slits the throat, they are then dipped into the boiling water and plucked after. But yes, the machine doesn't necessarily get all of them and some are still aware of what's happening, thus being boiled alive unfortunately.

      SapphireSapphire개월 전
  • The thumbnail is so misleading, all I see is chubby old men and naked chicken.

    Ed LeeEd Lee개월 전
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  • jajaja no mamen.. con esa musica y el niño mas de por medio con los pollitos.. casi me engañaron que iba a ser un video de tecnologia pero sin lastimar a los animales.. pero ya sabemos el sufrimiento por lo que tienen que pasar ellos... no hace falta colocar su musica de fondo..

    Luis Alredo Quelca ChuraLuis Alredo Quelca Chura개월 전
  • what an abomination humans have become

    Novelistus on the waterNovelistus on the water개월 전
  • This isn't incredible this is disgusting. You should be disgusted

    Ananya_BaditheAnanya_Badithe개월 전
  • Che schifosi prodotti pieni di antibiotici e estrogeni. Uno dei tanti motivi per cui l'uomo è pieno di disturbi e malattie..

    Marco SerraMarco Serra개월 전
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  • Don’t buy from a store you want real tasting chicken go see a farmer

    arthur Mearthur Me2 개월 전
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    Mr.SAKURAMr.SAKURA2 개월 전
  • I was waiting to see the girl in the bikini where the hell did she go.

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  • Looks like hell on earth. But I guess it's ok long as you put uplifting music to animals being tortured to death.

    EagleoneradiogodEagleoneradiogod2 개월 전
    • Makes me wanna work there!

      BalargusBalargus6 일 전
  • تربية مواشي والصوره الي ف العرض وش دخلها

    Abqqd16 Mr c1Abqqd16 Mr c12 개월 전
  • trust me don't eat meat and chicken.

    prateek bhardwajprateek bhardwaj2 개월 전
    • Never have

      Prateek UpadhyayPrateek Upadhyay5 일 전
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    Вячеслав ВячеславовичВячеслав Вячеславович2 개월 전
    • Электрический удар и последующий перерез глотки...

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