This smartest construction worker earn $1,000,000 per year. Modern construction technology machine

2020. 06. 01.
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This smartest construction worker earn $1,000,000 per year. Modern construction technology machine.

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  • With a side job of selling cocaine maybe

    Zee OneZee One3 일 전
  • In the old Turk lira maybe

    Ewen WalkerEwen Walker14 일 전
  • what a terrible shit. A lot of different people (this man earn 1 Mio. €) working here at different places and companys. Build with crooked materials :( all we can see is, that someone make his garden completely with concrete. only a fool do this. he has to bomb the garden if he want to change something. to install tiles outside without primer also a fool work. sorry, the video show a lot of bad work, that make problems earlier or later. that is no glory

    Mista BurnsMista Burns15 일 전
  • With no rebar or any other reinforcement that is just job security for them that's why he makes $100,000 a year

    Bobby BuszBobby Busz15 일 전
  • Is that Benny Hill working there , its his style

    Bob BrownBob Brown15 일 전
  • this is bad job , no sustainability, not ecologic, = stupid

    ines rahaneines rahane15 일 전
  • Nobody in this video is making 1 million dollars in any amount of time.

    Sir LoinSir Loin16 일 전
  • How to build non structural retaining walls..... I do admire some of the hand sculpting though !

    Richard TrucknerRichard Truckner18 일 전
  • With no sign of rebar or any other reinforcement, I give the first project ten years, tops.

    Felix KlempkaFelix Klempka19 일 전
    • 10 years if they are lucky !!! 5 or 6 years is more like it.

      Mambo curtoMambo curto12 일 전
  • and where is the "million dollar thing"?

    Christian ChallChristian Chall19 일 전
  • 2 Peter2:4

    NewLeaf green pasturesNewLeaf green pastures20 일 전
  • Bullshit!!!

    albert epidendioalbert epidendio21 일 전
  • Ganham um milhão de cacêtes pra te metêr no cú eles matam-se a trabalhar pra ganhar uma miséria pour ano isso é mais verdadeiro...connard...

    Norbert De AndradeNorbert De Andrade21 일 전
  • Ya ok.

    Glenn SankeyGlenn Sankey22 일 전
  • Load a shite !!

    Giles JohnsonGiles Johnson27 일 전
  • This kind of channels get more views than subscribers :P

    Productive SkillsProductive Skills개월 전
  • Plz give the names of your work

    Sicela HlabisaSicela Hlabisa개월 전
  • stupid video,didn't show the end result

    Enkaeri GajahmadaEnkaeri Gajahmada개월 전
  • 👍

    김덕수김덕수개월 전
  • ppl in future gonna think that was carved out of one piece lmao

    peace keeperpeace keeper2 개월 전
  • Very impressed

    Anwar HakdaAnwar Hakda2 개월 전
  • i think it is good keep it up

    yordanos yossefyordanos yossef2 개월 전
  • "How to build without a permit" would be a better title! and people are creative!

    Abundant LifeAbundant Life3 개월 전
  • kim seng lowkim seng low3 개월 전
  • It’s easy content for this YT channel. They just steal videos and earn money, people are so stupid to like.😤

    Bass Nation OfficalBass Nation Offical3 개월 전
  • Day by humans becoming lazy. They don't wanna do proper heavy work so they come with stupid ideas...

    SpontaneousLord 375SpontaneousLord 3753 개월 전
  • Sorry but putting sheetrock over block is retarded!!! use strapping

    DanHamboDanHambo3 개월 전
  • C'est nul comme video. On voit pas ke rendu bien a la fin. C'est trop rapide. J'aime pas et je bloque

    1 FR1 FR3 개월 전
  • Diese Handwerker verdienen nicht das Salz in der Suppe 🍜🤪🤪🤪

    Don Luigi Der UngläubigeDon Luigi Der Ungläubige3 개월 전
  • Hi

    Anupriya building ContractorAnupriya building Contractor3 개월 전
  • Diwan palang bed kaise banaen 👇👇👇

    Safi SafiSafi Safi4 개월 전
  • This one is more interesting 😂😂😂

    Ronzzz ThoughtsRonzzz Thoughts4 개월 전

    binder nagpalbinder nagpal4 개월 전
  • ❤❤❤💯💯

    Build Your Dream HomeBuild Your Dream Home4 개월 전
  • 1,000,000 cent I guess

    Orisa XOrisa X4 개월 전
  • Which country

    Rajan RajanRajan Rajan4 개월 전
  • this is called "TEAM WoRK"

    Geoffrey fdoGeoffrey fdo4 개월 전
  • What's so smart about this, Indians work way smarter than these guys.

    N BauaN Baua4 개월 전
  • wow i love construction alot that that i created a youtube channel to teach ?Tclovis@KOworld

    T ClovisT Clovis4 개월 전
    • wow

      T ClovisT Clovis4 개월 전
  • That's one million Uganda shillings.

    TsplashTsplash4 개월 전
  • none of them earns a million dollars a year clikbait

    Rudolf KlausenRudolf Klausen5 개월 전
  • So totally uninteresting video.

    Mats EricssonMats Ericsson5 개월 전
  • I wonder how this will behave overtime?. -- I didn't see any rebar that will help keep the concrete in one piece after the expansion and contraction that the concrete will endure.

    Angel DeTierraAngel DeTierra5 개월 전
  • No rebar ? How's that work ?

    Pascal W. ParadisPascal W. Paradis6 개월 전
  • Stupid... just use real stone...

    waqas arshedwaqas arshed6 개월 전
  • Flintstones :-)

    Helge SpringbornHelge Springborn6 개월 전
  • What is it call “YKK lock “ ? its look so strong to hold concrete

    Ken PitakKen Pitak6 개월 전
  • I disliked your video because you showed wrong thumbnail.

    Kashif ZiaKashif Zia7 개월 전
  • No kidding $1 million......the company will go bankrupt in no time. 🤣😂

    Richard ChanRichard Chan7 개월 전
  • It's loveda stucktion

    srt sksrt sk7 개월 전
  • It must be paid in Ads because that's how many damn Ads are in this ten minute video.

    novicenovanovicenova7 개월 전
    • I never saw a single ad. You must not be using an ad blocker.

      fire surferfire surfer7 개월 전
  • no hard rubber between stairs and ceiling, what 3rd world country is this Oo

    Tom HTom H7 개월 전
  • *Это даже не строители*

    Злой ВатникЗлой Ватник7 개월 전
  • А что не миллиард??? 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌😱😱😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞

    Злой ВатникЗлой Ватник7 개월 전
  • i hope the first one was fiber reinforced concrete. otherwise it wont last long. less if they have freezing temps.

    GadgetGadget7 개월 전
  • That might be true. But they probably work so much overtime they're personal lives are non existing.

    Kahwei ChanKahwei Chan7 개월 전
  • To much space at back it's easy to brock,

    Danilo's VideosDanilo's Videos7 개월 전
  • they all look like millionares to me

    kurtzcolkurtzcol7 개월 전
  • MeThinks this title is Bait of the Clicky Type.

    Frank BrantsFrank Brants7 개월 전
    • Gee, ya think?

      fire surferfire surfer7 개월 전
  • Tidak semudah yg diliat

    andi Feriyanaandi Feriyana7 개월 전
  • 1.000.000? Muhahaha, the most they'll get here is an assistantship.

    Xaver M.Xaver M.7 개월 전
  • Number 3 video with the prefabricated steps is a bad idea. In earth quake countries many people are killed every year because the steps are not tied into the walls. In an earthquake situation when people us the steps for an escape route they are killed with the collapse of the prefabricated step system.

    RobWillmotRobWillmot7 개월 전
  • awfull job...

    DafreshDafresh7 개월 전
  • Is that a million Zimbabwean dollars? 😂😂😂

    D RexD Rex7 개월 전
    • I was thinking that just by the thumbnail, went strait to comment section and here you are, lmao

      Josh HooverJosh Hoover5 개월 전
    • $35 CDN and if you cant keep up you are gone

      Dik BurnsDik Burns6 개월 전
  • I do this shit already for many years lol and not made that sort of cash lol 😂

    Beef and chicken KebabBeef and chicken Kebab7 개월 전
  • WTF where is thumbnail images Video. FU.

    Shaikh ShoebShaikh Shoeb7 개월 전
  • After watching these guys work, all I can say is thank god I spent those extra three years in school so I would't be working in concrete eight hours a day for the rest of my life

    Being GlaunBeing Glaun7 개월 전
    • But what you make in a day, they charge by the hour...

      Glen McdanielGlen Mcdaniel7 개월 전
    • What if that’s what they wanted to do? What’s wrong with working in construction?

      Xeno BellXeno Bell7 개월 전
  • Think they used enough cement?

    Ocean MarinerOcean Mariner7 개월 전
  • Will not last !!

    Scott KitchensScott Kitchens7 개월 전
  • #Putaclic

    KickassnipKickassnip7 개월 전
  • what a nonsencense

    Paul LenartsPaul Lenarts7 개월 전
  • This is a sample of video which idiots make by collecting regular footage..

    shota rahatzeshota rahatze7 개월 전
  • Fair Bloody Dinkum click bait. Nothing special or outstanding about anything in this video.

    Dennis HuntDennis Hunt7 개월 전
  • I suspect he doesn’t earn a million dollars a year.

    Tu te KoheTu te Kohe7 개월 전
    • @Trevor Hisanian jokes on us, and the bait was gainful employment. Too bad it was written in Liberian

      Michael CorleoneMichael Corleone2 개월 전
    • $1,000,000 Liberian is 5k USD. Twenty or so nations use the $ symbol.

      Trevor HisanianTrevor Hisanian7 개월 전

    AlienVisitorAlienVisitor7 개월 전
  • Concrete in beginning... after a few rains, those structures will crack. Last part plasterboard, wait until someone leans on that wall, crack!

    utube4greenfutureutube4greenfuture7 개월 전
    • Yes, the first one was no good at all...just for show..

      The Essex HunterThe Essex Hunter7 개월 전
  • The first one, wow seriously impressive both technically and artistically. Never knew concrete could be mixed to a plasticine consistency to enable it to be formed and worked that way without it slumping / sagging before it hardens.

    NapierNimbusNapierNimbus7 개월 전
    • They use sand as an aggregate which is piss weak rather than stone which is strong & will eventually crack, especially as they didn't use any steel reinforcement either.

      markmezomarkmezo7 개월 전
  • I watched the whole video... This video is collected frm other youtuber...

    Rijum gadiRijum gadi7 개월 전

      cement masterscement masters7 개월 전
    • I’m still convinced it’s just one guy in his moms basement with multiple accounts posting the same video

      I Can’t Believe You’re Reading ThisI Can’t Believe You’re Reading This7 개월 전
    • the important part is that they all earn a million per year, at least according to title :D

      zsoltikamutyurkezikzsoltikamutyurkezik7 개월 전
  • No re-bar? This wall will crack and fall apart I'm just a couple of years. What a waste of time and money.

    Robert WallsRobert Walls7 개월 전
    • I guess you are ref to the first video. They did use a few vertical rebars but I agree with you VERY poor no horizontal and seems to use incorrect aggregate. You are right, in a few years it will look like crap......

      click clickclick click7 개월 전
  • this is so cool

    Machine HDMachine HD7 개월 전

      cement masterscement masters7 개월 전
  • nice and interesting. wir würden gerne mehr sehen ;-)

    zero4mechaniczero4mechanic7 개월 전
  • stupid title

    goodcat1982goodcat19827 개월 전
  • Did not see any reinforcing ,surely this will crack up.

    mark rushtonmark rushton7 개월 전
    • a few steel in there

      I AmI Am6 개월 전
  • prepare land for cocrete with some gravel tassed and dirt wil not compromite work, and always use metalbars for strengh on concretes floos

    mandataruumandataruu7 개월 전
  • 🇧🇷👍🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😜

    Marcos AntonioMarcos Antonio7 개월 전
  • We break and powder rocks and stones and make cement , then again work hard and waste money and time to shape it like original rocks and stones. Marvelous !

    Ivan DastyIvan Dasty7 개월 전
  • Сомневаюсь, что из *натурального* камня это стоило бы намного дороже. Зато было бы намного красивее и долговечнее.

    Maxi GouogleMaxi Gouogle7 개월 전
  • Super

    Vijay AnishVijay Anish7 개월 전
  • 特別じゃなくて皆できる事1ドルいくらか知ってる?

    羽田淳羽田淳7 개월 전