This devil wood cutting machine is INCREDIBLE. Amazing huge wood processor & wood sawmill equipment

2020. 12. 01.
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This devil wood cutting machine is INCREDIBLE. Amazing huge wood processor & wood sawmill equipment.
Funky Chunk by Kevin MacLeod
Big Rock by Kevin MacLeod

  • Schöne Grüße von der Berufsgenossenschaft!! So etwas sollte nicht gezeigt werden! Ohne Schutzausrüstung, der pure Wahnsinn!!

    Friedrich UlshöferFriedrich Ulshöfer일 전
  • No chaps, no gloves, no hearing protection, no helmet equals a short life expectancy.

    Bruce The CurmudgeonBruce The Curmudgeon일 전
  • where is you eye protection and hearing muffs.?

    Mike BurtonMike Burton3 일 전
  • hope the tree falls on them

    Anthony MarkarianAnthony Markarian4 일 전
  • Y las gafas....

    juan njuan n8 일 전
  • 뭐가, 어떤 부분이 믿을 수가 없다는 건가?

    백남진백남진8 일 전
  • 👊👊👎👎 🇹🇭

    ラタナコッホラタナコッホラタナコッホラタナコッホ13 일 전
  • Please wear GLASS to protect his eyes....

    Taisuke NakataTaisuke Nakata14 일 전
  • الا إله إلا الله

    Aode AodeAode Aode21 일 전
  • الهم صلو على محمد والي محمد

    Aode AodeAode Aode21 일 전
    • Yes, absolutely. You are so right!

      Tony NewtonTony Newton9 일 전
  • No hearing or eye protection = dumb.

    Ralph MartinRalph Martin21 일 전
  • 100лет рос этот гигант. Пришёл какой то муравей, и всё угробил....

    Виталий ТерентьевВиталий Терентьев22 일 전
  • No safety glasses?

    Eduardo rodriguez-torralbaEduardo rodriguez-torralba23 일 전
  • 이자식 오늘밤 넘기기 힘들겠다. 목신이 노했도다.

    높은 산높은 산23 일 전
    • Oh really! I wouldn't have put it quite like that.

      Tony NewtonTony Newton9 일 전
  • no ear protection. no eye protection. this is a bad example of felling lumber.

    ifroggy1972 ifroggy1972ifroggy1972 ifroggy197224 일 전
  • But where is the tree in the thumbnail?! The only reason i clicked on this... it shows an exotic wood on the pic then theyre cutting all pine... the most common building lumber...

    wubbaluba dubzzzwubbaluba dubzzz24 일 전
  • I have a similar size Stihl saw, a MS462. It’s the loudest beast ever at full tilt. This guys ears are probably still ringing. Hope he’s able to see also. 🦘🇦🇺

    Tyrone ClarkeTyrone Clarke25 일 전
  • HEY! STUPID! Where's your damn EYE PROTECTION??? And a HELMET???😳

    Robert WheelerRobert Wheeler25 일 전
  • You need a bigger chainsaw.

    Cat 4100Cat 410026 일 전
  • You stole this thumbnail from another youtuber. Didn't try to disguise it

    Cv19Cv1926 일 전
  • Этому дереву может больше 200 лет.вот гады.

    Александр ТуевАлександр Туев28 일 전
  • $100,000+ worth of equipment, but no money for safety gear? No wonder so many are injured or dead from industrial accidents. Thank goodness for tough American standards.

    Mark WalkerMark Walker29 일 전
  • Unverantwortlich ohne Schutz für Augen Ohren wird hier dauerhaft gearbeitet. vor allem der Bereich 9:22 ist der Hammer.

    Nor. noch nichtNor. noch nicht개월 전
  • No eye and ear protection for this guy at 1:00. Safety always comes first when you are working in the forest.

    Robert BowmanRobert Bowman개월 전
  • 낚여서

    박승근박승근개월 전
  • Don't cut tree dash😡😡😡

  • Страшные работы

    пгт курагинопгт курагино개월 전

    Dio OnnipotenteDio Onnipotente개월 전
  • Two nonprofessionels on work. Ridiculous!

    Arno TArno T개월 전
  • Good👍

    Arti Hidup Mas. RIArti Hidup Mas. RI개월 전
  • Und ist es noch groß und mächtig der Mensch kann alles zerstören. Tolle Präsentation der Umweltzerstörung 😳

    Stephan TenglerStephan Tengler개월 전
  • Safety lashes hey?? WHAT??

    James GlennJames Glenn개월 전

    Bochereauauger GhislainBochereauauger Ghislain개월 전
  • Skip to 3:00 to actually see the sawmill

    James DeVreesJames DeVrees개월 전
  • I

    Mohamed HishamMohamed Hisham개월 전
  • 💚💚💚💚🌱🌱🌱🌱

  • Good old Stihl. Worlds best Chainsaw.

    Stephan HofmannStephan Hofmann개월 전
  • Sharp chain sawdust looks so fine

    Pipe SurferPipe Surfer개월 전
  • Parabéns

    Deusimar TuDeusimar Tu개월 전
  • A Amazônia esta pegando fogo

    Agnaldo De jesus santosAgnaldo De jesus santos개월 전
  • No safety glasses!!! REALLY?

    Willie WalkerWillie Walker개월 전
  • Как жал 100 летый дерево😭😭😭

    Amir SayAmir Say개월 전
  • optimum. good work. please don'exagarate. if in future we will need oxigene we will needs plants...

    Gianni MauroGianni Mauro개월 전
  • Quel AMATEUR aucune protection auditive visuelle casque RIDICULE

    herve thirionherve thirion개월 전
  • kein vorbildlicher Arbeitsschutz! Kleidung und Helm mit Gehörschutz!!

    Volker EifelgeistVolker Eifelgeist개월 전
  • These idiots should flip burgers instead. Too stupid for this job.

    Dave MarksDave Marks개월 전
  • cadence de fous !!!!

    Robert SuligaRobert Suliga개월 전
  • no eye protection ???? silly people !

    Richard FettigRichard Fettig개월 전
  • Eye protection?

    Ameal NetAmeal Net개월 전
  • Safety gear ha ha don't need that shit !!

    Paul DPaul D개월 전
  • I don’t understand it. No eye or ear protection. At least he had gloves.

    GGGG개월 전
  • what "DEVIL" cutting machine . termites are stronger ! phhfff

    Pak BusuPak Busu개월 전
  • It is just great to see people cut down trees that have been standing for a few hundred years. Great job we didn't like tree anyway.

    Joe ConfortiJoe Conforti개월 전
  • اختكم محتاجه 200 مشترك وين الفزعه يا رجال الفزعه لاختكم في الاشتراك

    موقع زفات اجمل عروسينموقع زفات اجمل عروسين개월 전
  • ㅜ.ㅜ

    박종덕박종덕개월 전
  • Keine Quotenfrauen zu sehen?

    Hans FritzHans Fritz개월 전
  • Video has been speeded up.

    Gerald NordahlGerald Nordahl개월 전
  • Gottesdienst st.josef st Antoniud

    Heinz OrthHeinz Orth개월 전
  • قذرين

    نصرالله نجدتنصرالله نجدت개월 전
  • Sad lack of safety shields etc.

    cooker4000cooker4000개월 전
  • Pretty unsafe operation. I bet they’re all deaf and missing fingers

    Clayton NeuwirthClayton Neuwirth개월 전

    cyril ellelcyril ellel개월 전
  • As always, the thumbnail image is touted and has nothing to do with the material shown in this video. it's a putaclic approach

    Daniel 33Daniel 33개월 전
  • No, a video is not more interesting by speeding it up. And what the fuck is up with the thumbnails?? No such thing as cow enemas and that bikini girl was never no where near that chicken or turkey? Thumbs down on all your videos.

    Benny NielsenBenny Nielsen개월 전
  • أكبر مخرب للبيئة هو الإنسان...

    Yahya AbdarhmanYahya Abdarhman개월 전
  • Lead photo from someone else’s channel.

    Terry IveyTerry Ivey개월 전
  • it amazes me this young man has on no saftey gear!!! at least eye protection. NOT SMART,

    michael Davismichael Davis개월 전
    • all good. he was doing the 'safety squint'.

      j gary noelj gary noel개월 전
  • Mörder

    SecoSeco개월 전
  • 대단합니다~*

    유병찬유병찬개월 전
  • Please save the tree

  • bravissimi

    Tinio TaglienteTinio Tagliente개월 전
  • Save a tree eat a beaver

    Terry OgletreeTerry Ogletree개월 전
  • Wow...👍

    Waluyo Bonsai ChanelWaluyo Bonsai Chanel개월 전
  • No eye hearing can even see him squinting his eyes so the chips won't get in. Other than the chainsaw etc!

    Fred FreeneyFred Freeney개월 전
  • What a machine would live to hear it run and cutting the music playing in the video isnt good sorry

    Donnie PorterDonnie Porter개월 전
  • โลกร้อนทุกวันนี้ก็เพราะไอ้พวกบริษัทเหล่านี้แหละไม่รู้พวกมันได้ปลูกทดแทนที่ตัดไปหรือไม่??

    Chayathorn RanateChayathorn Ranate개월 전
  • What no headgear or face mask? Fine dust will hurt your lungs. I had to learn the hard way. Felt like I had asthma for months. Had to sleep in a sitting position all night. Could not lay flat or I felt like I could not breathe. I did recover several months later thankfully. I use a 261 pro-Stihl chainsaw with a 20-inch bar. Love it for being only 9.9lbs. Be safe out there!

    Kevin KKevin K개월 전
  • What you say son, cant hear you, Where are you anyway.

    john moorejohn moore개월 전
  • No eye or hearing protection. What a fool

    Steve JensenSteve Jensen개월 전
    • you dont do any real work do you...

      Cartoon HeadCartoon Head21 일 전
  • la motocierra cual es? sthill 361 o 365?

    Wilian GodoyWilian Godoy개월 전
    • Yes. Or to put it another way, No.

      Tony NewtonTony Newton9 일 전
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    Alaa MohieddineAlaa Mohieddine개월 전
  • Get an 880 an cut the tree in half the time, at least wear safety glasses sawdust sucks in the eyes..... Cool video though!!!

    Nate GreenfieldNate Greenfield개월 전
  • Employees must’ve good benefits! Hard working 👨

    William HuynhWilliam Huynh개월 전
  • IDIOT WITH THE CHAINSAW HASN'T EVER HEARD OF P.P.E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CamelotCamelot개월 전
  • stop

    trrst mntrrst mn개월 전
  • WoW being a lumberjack would be a fun career “ BUT by the time you retire if you Live that long ‘ your body would be so broken down that you would be lucky you could wipe your own ass ..... There is some pretty hard work in being a lumberjack .. No hearing protection & no eye protection - - - - would you be able to hear the TV & Understand what is being said on it ??? it’s a good thing some one is willing to do the job ...Cuz I sure the heck not gonna do it ..

    sloppy dogsloppy dog개월 전
  • nothing is big enough, i may need spectacles

    Tim LewisTim Lewis개월 전
  • Agree with other commenters, It’s alright being a tough lumberjack but wear safety glasses and ear defenders.

    paul sotheronpaul sotheron개월 전
    • ...and a chequered shirt

      Simon TurnerSimon Turner개월 전

    camiones de madera con grúa forestalcamiones de madera con grúa forestal개월 전
  • Паразиты уничтожают природу

    Ruslan BorzovRuslan Borzov개월 전
  • GET SOME GLASSES, 30 seconds of safety or a life time of blindness, hummmmmmmmm

    Bob MorganBob Morgan개월 전
  • Not funny! misleading!

    Cyn BCyn B개월 전
  • What type of wood is this,

    joko purnomojoko purnomo개월 전
  • Do you have written permission from the competent authority to cut down trees or are you just a Wood mafia??

    youssef choukriyoussef choukri개월 전
  • 10.18 This Is disgraceful waste..beautiful tree's become garden mulch ..ridiculous waste

    DenisDenis개월 전
  • U are enemy for ur environment I hate u for ever 😭😲😠😠😠😠😠

    Dewaker SinghDewaker Singh개월 전
  • 뭐가 이제서야 못 믿는다는 걸까요 요즘은 더 발전해서 무시 무시한 기계 많은디

    배명길배명길개월 전

      cyril ellelcyril ellel개월 전
  • It will more safe if he use face shield

    Anak BungsuAnak Bungsu개월 전
  • All of these safety violations really make me cringe....

    CapnJackSBCapnJackSB개월 전
  • was anyone else expecting to see a giant WORD processor.. i can't read anymore.. also what was i expecting to see anyway.. some kind of giant photocopier

    jamesjames개월 전