Incredible modern giant tree destroy machines I never seen before. Amazing wood cutting machine

2020. 12. 06.
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Incredible modern giant tree destroy machines I never seen before. Amazing wood cutting machine.
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  • ECOCIDIO. Siento mas repugnancia, q admiración😱😭🤬. Dejemos de consumir para detener a las empresas en su hambre de destruccion.

    Isra ValeIsra Vale7 시간 전
  • No tumbes ese arbol no mames

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  • Viendo como deforestan el planeta

    Wilfredo CasoWilfredo Caso3 일 전
  • ese e meu isporte

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  • Kuntulllllllllll

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  • Environment को हम और विकसित तो नहीं कर सकते परन्तू इन्हे नष्ट या हानि तो न पहुँचाए। सभी से एक निवेदन😔😔🙏🙏✍✍।......................................

    Parveen DharendraParveen Dharendra5 일 전
  • Temi Kurniawan

    temi kurniawantemi kurniawan6 일 전
  • Las maquinas que inventa el hombre son formidables ojala fueran para hacer el bien y no el mal

    Sergio CorreaSergio Correa6 일 전
  • Man, those trees are estimated to be 750 to 1000 yrs old. And we chop them down like they're nothin'.

    Andrew ChuangAndrew Chuang6 일 전
  • Don't cut trees

    Guddikhan KhanGuddikhan Khan8 일 전
  • Wasting 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🎄🎄🎄🎄 trees plz don't do it Save trees for the next generation 🙂

    Zeerak zeerakZeerak zeerak8 일 전

    Machine FunMachine Fun8 일 전
  • End is coming....

    Creative SDCreative SD9 일 전
  • 😳😯🤚

    Vihoshe ChishiVihoshe Chishi10 일 전
  • Cuántos años tardo en crecer? Y cuánto tardaste en chingartelo? Si por cada árbol ke derribas plantaras uno. El mundo sería igual.

    Telcel MagdalenaTelcel Magdalena10 일 전
  • يرجا لاشتراك بالقناة

    القرأن الكريمالقرأن الكريم11 일 전
  • Adama helal olsun isi biliyor

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  • PAPU

  • عنوانك مطوبز طوبزه

    شاب سوريشاب سوري16 일 전
  • But these guys don't know they are destroying their own future by cutting trees ... Lmfao

    dino sundidino sundi16 일 전
  • Colin Powell

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  • Lô gì

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  • H

    shyn rogershyn roger19 일 전
  • À P

    shyn rogershyn roger19 일 전
  • For every tree takin down there’s like 10 others growing at the same time. Stop cryin,

    StarChase 4EverStarChase 4Ever19 일 전
  • I imagine a company could further and readily decimate the rain forests with this type of equipment. 😞

    MS StuartMS Stuart20 일 전
  • This is one of the PAIN we are doing to our MOTHER EARTH !! Also in the RAINFOREST THEY STARTED IN RECORD TIME TO BURN TREES DOWN AND HERE THEY GET CUT. SLOWLY - OR MAY BE SOON WE HAVE NOT ENOUGH TREES THAT WE ALL CAN BREATH AND THEN ⁉️⁉️⁉️ And the RAINFOREST IS THE LUNG OF MOTHER EARTH ‼ Why are people doing this ???? After you can't make the trees again in the earth when you start to feel what happens after ‼‼ It's always the same reason: FOR MAKING MONEY AND NOT ONLY IN CUTTING TREES, OIL and lot of other things !!!!! 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

    Martha AounallahMartha Aounallah20 일 전
  • এভাবেই ধ্বংসের মুখে আমাদের এই পৃথিবীটা😥😥😥😥

    Shohidul IslamShohidul Islam20 일 전
  • Use less vedio against nature

    Mani KantaMani Kanta21 일 전
  • Suhani

    Jai GovindJai Govind21 일 전
  • Hm.... look at that large trunk tree... how many years that tree was there to become a large tall tree... we are destroying the earth....

    Hot BoyHot Boy22 일 전
  • Trees hate this one weird trick

    Thomas O'DwyerThomas O'Dwyer23 일 전
  • if like huge machins this for you

  • 我们连这些恩没有我们哪里强大了?

    中超常中超常24 일 전
  • I am totally against of this stop hunting the trees save trees

    SyedSyed24 일 전
  • Только под осб панели щепки делаете)

    Прохиндей КарелинПрохиндей Карелин24 일 전
  • В Америке совсем леса нет)

    Прохиндей КарелинПрохиндей Карелин24 일 전
  • Sadly we are only good for destruction.. nothing more

    John TokJohn Tok25 일 전
    • You wouldn’t have a house if not for this cry baby

      The TruthThe Truth23 일 전
  • All of these people against cutting trees but where do they think the wood comes from to build the homes that they live in? Cut a tree plant a tree that’s the way I see it.

    Eric HairstonEric Hairston25 일 전
  • This video is showing how technology is bane for us and environment

    Kumari Menika BhushanKumari Menika Bhushan25 일 전
  • 1 man 3 wedges vs a 100ft tree... Man swing axe: ...

    Edna CrouchEdna Crouch25 일 전
    • lanjaran and 78

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  • They can destroy the rain forests even faster now.

    Flatline optimismFlatline optimism25 일 전
    • टेकं़है

      Sonu KumarSonu Kumar23 일 전
  • You cut one tree, you should plant atleast 10 saplings

    RaiNyRaiNy25 일 전
    • كول خراه

      وحيدوحيد25 일 전
  • Taco

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  • vraimant des machines incroyables mais la forêt c'est le poman de la terre. le moitiés de vert est pleine l autre est vide.

    MAROC OujdaMAROC Oujda26 일 전
  • Harga

    Mas DukiMas Duki26 일 전
  • In California we don’t bother with all that work cutting down the old forest. We just watch it burn.

    Jer MccannJer Mccann26 일 전
  • Please don't cut trees

    anju sagwalanju sagwal29 일 전
  • بكه اوتتناطحله ابنخله

    Montathee RahemMontathee Rahem29 일 전
  • why is it spped up by like 50%?

    Arkadiusz SzotArkadiusz Szot개월 전
    • I dont like it

      bpc4himbpc4him22 일 전
  • Are you too stupid for write a correct German headline.? ??? ... Translation: -"Incredibly modern giant trees destroy machines"-. 🥴

    Werner LampeWerner Lampe개월 전
  • I hate people who cut tree's 😠😠😠😠

    Prashant MahalePrashant Mahale개월 전
  • Don't cutting trees 😭

    Tajamul farooqTajamul farooq개월 전
  • Amazing technology Very nice video 👍💞💓💝💜💘💛💚💗💘💝👍

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  • Save the trees

    Ajay KumarAjay Kumar개월 전
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  • Good👍

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  • Save trees save life😢

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  • Safe tree safe life

    Mohammed MohammedMohammed Mohammed개월 전
  • You bullshit why to cut tress

    Abhijay TakaleAbhijay Takale개월 전
  • 나무가 기계를 파괴하는 영상은 어디있나요?

    D I YD I Y개월 전
    • 글쎄요! 혹시 귀하가 낚인 건 아닐까요??

      이강현이강현7 일 전
    • 0kķ

      Naresh KumarNaresh Kumar20 일 전
  • I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts. I can know and intuit my thoughts, and what can be known is not the true Knower. Thoughts come to me and thoughts leave me, but they do not affect my inward I. I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts." Ken Wilber

    Maty HMaty H개월 전
  • ³

    Mohd Kassim KassimMohd Kassim Kassim개월 전
  • Now pile 'em filthy democrats and let the good old "wood slicer" do its job.

    Timo VäänänenTimo Väänänen개월 전

    Dinesh Mahato VlogDinesh Mahato Vlog개월 전
  • Sad rally I wonder do they know when they cut down forists or burn them that plants know what's going on and tell each other vier the fungal Web u find every plant is connected to the over vier the fungal Web

    Matt WoodwardMatt Woodward개월 전
  • من عربي 😂

    DhoomDhoom개월 전
  • Invasion from Sankt Peterborough

    Jeronimo CadilcoJeronimo Cadilco개월 전
    • Very

      Jeronimo CadilcoJeronimo Cadilco개월 전
  • Disgusting ,

    Derek DownesDerek Downes개월 전
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    Robert FloresRobert Flores개월 전
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  • 2:06 thanks me later

    harbans Guleriaharbans Guleria개월 전
  • Save tree Save nature Please don't cut trees 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    srinivas raisrinivas rai개월 전
  • First invest the trees then harvest..

    Athi NarayananAthi Narayanan개월 전
    • Uhh yeah.. progression, thats how life works

      Mike McNeillMike McNeill개월 전
  • What the hell so amazing about a tree destroying machine stupid human being

    4BD19EC041 Kaarthikeya pahalwan4BD19EC041 Kaarthikeya pahalwan개월 전
  • This is saddening

    Mir AfnanMir Afnan개월 전
  • Mntap👍

    Langka TVLangka TV개월 전
  • I wish this tree should fall on these type of men.

    Ankit JangraAnkit Jangra개월 전
  • Plz save environment 🙏

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  • Шикарно! Cool!

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  • Takla lakha

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  • Das sind unglaubliche Maschinen aber ich finde zu viel Holz absägen ungesund für die Natur deswegen finde ich das nicht so gut wenn man zu viel Holz absägt weil daraus wird luftgefüllte deswegen werde ich einen Daumen nach unten machen weil so viel Holz absägen nicht gesund ist für die Natur denkt an unsere Wälder und Holz nicht so viel ab ihr seid so verrückt geworden ihr Menschen ihr macht immer mehr unseren bald kaputt Krafttier was noch was wir der Natur antut ich bin stinksauer wenn man so viel Holz absägt lass den halben Wald noch stehen und wir handelt nicht unsere Mutter Erde wie Dreck

    Patrick Odia OestreichPatrick Odia Oestreich개월 전
  • Plusieurs centaine d’années de vie abattu en quelque minutes.. l’homme est désolant 🤦🏻‍♂️😢

    Jean miaule Van dammeJean miaule Van damme개월 전
    • Gagné moins que le patron et surtout moi nos moins que ceux qui sont sur des machines et faire plus d'heures contrairement à celui qui est payé plus a d'être le cu sur des engin c'est la honte

      stephane AVILAstephane AVILA18 일 전
    • Oui c'est clair est en plus aussi casse couille plus que autre chose tous sa pour rentabiliser produire gagné plus faire concurrence contrairement à l'écologie déforestation ils devraient avoir honte de détruire de si belles forêts d'Omanaiale des forêt des Landes et des forêts des Vosges la plupart d'aujourd'hui s'attaque au forêt des Landes alors que nous avons besoins de les garder pour les générations futures avenir et les autre génération que va ton devenir si sa se calme pas dans 30 ans et pour ceux qui auront 20 30 que vont devenir triste de gâcher de si belles forêts pour rentabiliser produire gagné plus et faire concurrence contrairement aux n entreprise où il y avait que du manuel la plupart étaient des entreprises manuel la mécanisation commencèrent dans les années 2000 milieu des années 2000 pas avant je n'avais pas entendu parler que plus tard il y aurait la mécanisation a pres la tempête de 99 a l'époque où j'avais 16 ans quelques années plus tard où l'on a compris commencèrent à mécanisé les petites entreprises a bois Manu el et après les grandes mais avant. Pu où j'avais 17ans j'y croyais pas ni pour l'agriculture biologique ni pour la vigne ni pour d'autre métier manuel moi je souviens un peu que les tête abatteuse rogneuse croc souche broyeuse existait déjà ya 19 ans et j'étais majeur a cette époque là je n'entendais pas parlé que la mécanisation serait implifier de plus en plus et qu'on n ent serait arrivé la aujourd'hui ni de la production ni pour la rentabilité ni pour gagner plus d'argent et ni une vie de fou comme Aujourd'hui on voit partout et même dans les campagnes b perdu comme chez nous ou si qu'on voit les employeurs ar par moment a la bourre quand on les voit bosse comme des dingues quasiment dans tout les métiers tout sa a cause de l'évolution chinois et des changements de lois politique pour tout et la concurrence échange ou sa c'est empiré encore pire que c'était avant et cela il sont beaucoup plus encourager payer plus cher que les travailleurs manuel aujourd'hui yen a plus sauf dans Le bâtiments même dans le bâtiment vous les voyez defoiis travailler comme des singouin tellement que les patrons veulent gagner plus et que parfois leur sala R T

      stephane AVILAstephane AVILA18 일 전
  • Alot of comments on here seem to be from ppl who forget we rely on wood/lumber and would be nowhere without it ..

    Kevin MckeddieKevin Mckeddie개월 전
    • Right! Im a logger and forestry is the main work, income around here, FORESTRY FEEDS MY FAMILY !

      Mike McNeillMike McNeill개월 전
  • great video, see videos with several heavy machines visit

    JL Operador Máquinas PesadasJL Operador Máquinas Pesadas개월 전
  • Very bad

    Muzammil VLOGMuzammil VLOG개월 전
  • Save tree

    luckey mandlekarluckey mandlekar개월 전
  • Why people cut this tree Whenever I see this I feel very disappointed

    Mohammed Kamal HussainMohammed Kamal Hussain개월 전
    • @Kenneth Sizer شويعني ...مابعرق غير عربي

      وحيدوحيد9 일 전
    • Because neither you nor I want to live in a house made of dirt... and can't afford a castle made stone?

      Kenneth SizerKenneth Sizer9 일 전
    • انتي عربي

      وحيدوحيد25 일 전
    • Disassociation from the planet which is part of us, literally. It is a manifestation of conciousness, the ground of being that we are

      Maty HMaty H개월 전
    • The banks lend money for speculation into fracking that is cost flow negative and it's all pointless

      Maty HMaty H개월 전