This excellent construction machine is very INCREDIBLE. Modern concrete paving machines technology

2020. 05. 14.
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This excellent construction machine is very INCREDIBLE. Modern concrete paving machines technology.

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In this video:
1. Lura Enterprises
2. Curb Roller Manufacturing
3. GOMACO Corporation
4. Dragon Screed
6. Aaron J. Jones
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7. M Carrol Blacktop Service

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  • Amazing!

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  • I'm guessing that the huge cone is part of a water treatment facility. It is amazing the skill of these workers and those who design and build the magnificent machines they use.

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  • Mind-blowing, amazing, great work performing machines, beyond understanding of a layman.

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  • If only they would do this to our Baltimore MD streets like this.

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  • Awesome !! African countries let’s unite and develop our continent through these kind of innovations.

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  • Look at all the machines putting thousands of humans out of work...

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  • How is the human brain able to formulate, design and create great ideas that results in this??? The human brain 🧠 is quite simply amazing when you think about it. 🤔🤔😳🙄

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  • What if one pipe blasting concrete out, and another one smoothing it out right the way?

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  • Let's see what that non-reinforced concrete looks like in three years. Rubble.

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  • I enjoy watching this type of video. But it would be even better to show a finished product. For example, what was the conical concrete structure that was first shown used for? That would really help me understand what is being built and how it's being used. Great video!

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  • Excelente video!! Tremendo adelanto a la ciencia y ahorro de tiempo para el hombre, y esfuerzo, mis padres y abuelos hicieron esto de las formas mas rudimentarias del mundo.

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  • Laying 5” of concrete on bare dirt with no reinforcement. Wonder how long that’ll last?

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  • Do not forget the hands of the workers

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  • ww excelente work😊

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  • There are some large rigid pavement work in here

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  • Big respect to all construction workers they are amazing people and the engineer too ❣️

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  • I'm not even in this line of work but there seems to be a common thing with men watching other men do stuff. :))

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  • Awesome video, that I found to be strangely serene and beautiful. As an amateur, I have done a fair amount of concreting myself, so I know it can be very hard work: but these guys, with their ingenious machinery, made it all look so easy.

    Jim HillJim Hill7 개월 전
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  • Every construction worker gangsta until the machine turns on by itself and won't turn off even if unplugged

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  • Amazing working. God bless you.

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  • 6:42 they pour a nice slab. But there is NO reinforcement, NO gravel bed and the edge seems sharp. So I'm guessing with all the expense of concrete and pouring, it will not last.

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  • Excelente máquina para vertir concreto

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