This monster wood sawmill machine is INCREDIBLE. Amazing firewood processor & wood cutting equipment

2020. 09. 23.
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This monster wood sawmill machine is INCREDIBLE. Amazing firewood processor & wood cutting equipment.

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  • So was that ancient tree before YOU MURDERED IT!!!😡

    Dianna ClarkDianna Clark7 일 전
  • Wtf? Where’s the sawmill? Good bye.

    Юрий ОлейниковЮрий Олейников7 일 전
  • Can I get this machine in india I need one please inform...

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  • Beautiful video

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  • Schönes Video 👍würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir auf meinem Kanal vorbei schaut 😊

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  • Cutting so many trees.. Not a good idea.. Destroying mother Nature.

    Sharath PSharath P19 일 전
  • This is the reason why I used plastic chairs and tables 😑

    Debojit DharDebojit Dhar19 일 전
  • This video eats it. Don’t waste your time.

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  • A monster. Great video, thanks

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  • Do not cut the trees 😭😭 save tree 🌲 and save world

    Pankaj KumariPankaj Kumari21 일 전

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  • Incredible engineering

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  • Deforestation for nothing. People should die.

    Craig BauerCraig Bauer22 일 전
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  • Thats the future of mankind sawed right there. Enjoy while it last.

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  • When you show a huge band sawmill to start the run, you should at least show the same mill in action somewhere within the fucking video.

    David MoffittDavid Moffitt23 일 전
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    Angel Jr. ColomaAngel Jr. Coloma23 일 전
  • Humans are like a virus to this planet. Destroy, burn, exhaust, until there is nothing left to consume.

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  • Intresting technology but a Really sad video seeing those trees being cut....!!!

    Latha MoorthyLatha Moorthy23 일 전

    Satriya LaksanaSatriya Laksana23 일 전
  • This is what Treebeard watch if he wants to watch a horror movie.

    S LS L23 일 전
  • The Terminator!

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  • Earth won't miss one tree or two, but a whole dammed forest. Oh yeah. Smell of money. Grow hemp instead.

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  • This one is bigger

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  • If I cut one tree,grow on 100 trees

    Ashik mukhiaAshik mukhia24 일 전
  • Not good..they destroyed all green forest 😔

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  • just when everyone is concerned of climate change and this video teaches people how to cut trees faster.

    Kent Nhicksar PatocKent Nhicksar Patoc26 일 전
  • I don't know what tree species that is but it looks very soft and not good fire wood.

    John C.John C.26 일 전
    • My friend, that's hydrologist

      Steven LightSteven Light24 일 전
  • If trees had nightmares.

    Tee BearTee Bear26 일 전
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    Tack assyTack assy26 일 전
  • stop cutting down trees.

    dirac bracketdirac bracket26 일 전
  • Its the end of this world as we know it,,, and I feel fine. LOL

    King DavidKing David26 일 전
  • The video the thumbnail was taken from does not appear in this compilation. Lame.

    Reseller MadnessReseller Madness26 일 전
  • Cut trees and die😠😠

    Ggf GtagyaGgf Gtagya27 일 전
  • I watching because video image is different that's not fair

    sk zeesk zee27 일 전
  • Trees are the homes to wildlife and birds and oxygen think

    StacieStacie27 일 전
    • Oh boy, please.

      King DavidKing David26 일 전
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  • 3:04 That's absolutely nuts. Serious power.

    Andy PerainoAndy Peraino27 일 전
  • Unfortunately, how many years of growth of the book

    Red tissueRed tissue27 일 전
  • 6:00 Why go to that much trouble to pick some coconuts?

    1ls3761ls37627 일 전
  • No wonder the Earth 🌏 is screwed... Well done idiots burn 🔥 it all down....

    SaltySalty27 일 전
  • Os cara fábrica uma porcaria sem segurança nenhuma

    FOX tutoriaisFOX tutoriais28 일 전
  • That's a old tree , sad really.

    David SinclairDavid Sinclair28 일 전
  • Those are some dangerously awesome machines.

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  • Here is something you'll absolutely love if you're a woodworker it's something similar but more complex like in video. Click the link bellow to find out more.... ​

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  • Can almost almost smell the wood lol.

    philosophicalreasonphilosophicalreason28 일 전
  • Why destroy what’s left of Nature on earth To make a videos about it for views. More Real estate properties, etc... Mother Earth is not happy, humAnity is paying for it now.

    Alain DeLa SierraAlain DeLa Sierra28 일 전
    • Its called the end of this World, Read the book of Revelations. No one can stop it. Its Great!! That means Christ will return. Whoopa!

      King DavidKing David26 일 전
  • Hi

    Geronimo GarciaGeronimo Garcia28 일 전
  • If we only had to use wood for Smoking meat we could be in good shape. The coolest machine I seen was the palm tree replanted.

    Drake VelazquezDrake Velazquez28 일 전
  • وش النفسية هذي اللي عندي ماارتاح الا اذا شفت هذا المقاطع 😞

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  • We cut down all the trees to make house boats money fire and then starved ourselves of the only thing we couldn’t make , the air in which the trees cleaned and had done for billions of years 👍🏻 big thumbs up fellow dead people see ya on the flip side 🤣 might as well vote for covid

    Nick 80Nick 8029 일 전
    • More trees in the northern hemisphere than there has been for a hundred years, logging in this region is a good thing not a bad thing considering all the uses we have for timber, also wooden buildings and furniture stores co2, again a good thing that is completely lost on those of us who see themselves as above regular society !

      Jim DugganJim Duggan28 일 전
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