Fantastic GIANT bicycle manufacturing process in factory. Incredible carbon fibre bikes production.

2020. 07. 08.
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Fantastic GIANT bicycle manufacturing process in factory. Incredible carbon fibre bikes production.
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  • جميل جدا

    Mounir RajawiMounir Rajawi3 일 전
  • Any malayalees is here മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ

    Tech EverythingTech Everything3 일 전
  • please make a machine for making carbon frames

    천사 지훈천사 지훈8 일 전
  • Completely unsafe carbon bicycle, easy to be broken and expensive

    Mohamed SamahyMohamed Samahy9 일 전
  • Cycle robot real me ankit kumar bharti kaise bnaye boliye sir

  • How much MTB cycle costs

    Shabana AbidShabana Abid10 일 전
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    Nafesa Alsiddg AlhafyanNafesa Alsiddg Alhafyan11 일 전
  • 카본테이프를 붙이는거야??? 프레임이 전체 카본이 아니구??

    라붕파라붕파15 일 전
  • 3:12 可以一戰

    viperRXviperRX17 일 전
  • So many chinese fingers have touched and massaged your trek and giant bike frames that you're riding.

    dae3xtdae3xt18 일 전
  • もともとはウサギの養殖する企業だったなんて思えないよな

    courage Goatcourage Goat18 일 전
    • そうなの!? 知らなかった。

      CENTENARIO LamborghiniCENTENARIO Lamborghini11 일 전
  • 🇹🇼臺灣🇹🇼之光

    阿佑Life阿佑Life19 일 전
  • 재밌네

    Roca JRoca J19 일 전

    made by UJKOmade by UJKO22 일 전
  • ジャイアントのカーボンロードバイクは非常に品質が高くて手頃な値段で買えますね。非常に貴重な映像だと思います。

    後藤信治後藤信治23 일 전
    • トレックとフェルトも追加で

      CENTENARIO LamborghiniCENTENARIO Lamborghini11 일 전
  • Good Stuff!

    Steve DeSilvaSteve DeSilva24 일 전
  • 手作業やと個体差大きそう

    まるまるまるまる25 일 전
  • Somebody kill the music.

    The Complete CyclistThe Complete Cyclist28 일 전
  • infact very stupid manufacturing process ((

    tvarch77tvarch77개월 전
  • Representantes da marca aq no Brasil e fraco de mais em quanto as cannondalle está na estrada as giant está penduradas nas lojas pra vender por um valor absurdo e antigas

    Eduardo Oliveira SantosEduardo Oliveira Santos개월 전
  • Ridiculous bunch of video cuts that doesn't really make sens

    leve_ Tôtleve_ Tôt개월 전
  • 型から外した直後のノッチ、リンクル、ポロシティだらけの状態は絶対見せない。 見せるのはそういった不具合を全て樹脂で隠した後の状態から。 まぁカーボンフレームなんてこんなもんだけど、これでもジャイアントの品質はトップレベル。 他のメーカーなんてほんと酷いもんだよ。 コルナゴもトレックもジャイアント製だから安心だね〜 まぁ次はチタンフレーム買うから無関係だけどねー

    GuGu JiJiGuGu JiJi개월 전
  • 看了影片, 很慶幸自己買鋁合金車架,而不是碎片組合的碳車架.

    Sophie LinSophie Lin개월 전
  • 台湾はええとこやし自転車業界強いしで最高やな

    この言葉は古事記に記されてるものなんだけど、この言葉は古事記に記されてるものなんだけど、개월 전
  • ラボバンクのフレーム懐かしいねぇ。 また、スポンサーにならないかなぁ。。

    森本淳森本淳개월 전
  • Decent bike , shame about the name. All carbon bikes are made in Taiwan in the same factory, they just sick a different name on them. I think Orbea is the one frame made in their home country, Spain.

    WildPhotoShooterWildPhotoShooter개월 전
  • Made in France. La meilleure main d'œuvre du monde et de loin. On se fait avoir par ces pays où la main d'œuvre est de bas coût. En France on s'est tout fabriquer mais on ne protège pas nos usines. En plus il y a de la concurrence déloyale qui vient d'Asie où il pique nos brevets (Mavic, look...). Après c'est facile de faire de la concurrence déloyale, il ne respecte aucune règle, norme en Chine. En France, tu ne respectes pas les normes, tu peux fermer.

    Bike RidingBike Riding개월 전
  • Made in France.

    Bike RidingBike Riding개월 전
  • こうして私たちの元へ届けられる

    twuruttwurutwuruttwuru개월 전
  • ほのぼの音楽を流しながらnotほのぼの価格の自転車を製造

    6900 TAIDA6900 TAIDA개월 전
  • 僕のバイクもこうやって作ってくれたんだなぁ。感慨深いなぁ。有難うGIANT!大切に乗ります。

    ロンリー寺西ロンリー寺西개월 전
  • Crap produce and sold at premium prices

    Thierry KametteThierry Kamette개월 전
  • TCR結構古い世代だな2世代前じゃねこれ

    いむさいむさ개월 전
  • good bikes, sell well in Europe also in the professional circuit.

    De Cnijf KrisDe Cnijf Kris개월 전
  • Carbon Fiber process is tedious and consume a lot of time. That is what you pay aside the bike. Nice video and I agreed, the audio should Improved for future videos. Sounds like kindergarten playground, although get better after min 7th..But then have nothing to do with Giant

    Alfonso SanzoneAlfonso Sanzone개월 전
  • No carbon for me. Steel bends when hit. Carbon shatters when hit.

    John ThompsonJohn Thompson개월 전

    StudebakerStudebaker2 개월 전
  • I have seek model of it 2016

    Abdul Rauf MohmandAbdul Rauf Mohmand2 개월 전
  • Keren banget. Kalau di Indonesia toko-toko sepeda special Giant ada gak ya? Saya pengin beli Sepeda Giant. Bisa kasih infonya? Suwun.

    Imam SanyotoImam Sanyoto2 개월 전
    • @day photography Kalau di Jakarta atau di Bekasi ada enggak ya om? Saya tinggalnya di Bekasi. Suwun infonya.🙏

      Imam SanyotoImam Sanyoto2 개월 전
    • Ada bnyak om, di jatim ada Terminal bike, jogja ada

      day photographyday photography2 개월 전
  • Besok aku beli dua ...?

    Hadi SutrisnoHadi Sutrisno2 개월 전
  • N0 good made in China

    박진석박진석2 개월 전
  • The bicycles look normal size to me.

    Steve ColemanSteve Coleman2 개월 전
  • Todo Chino una mierda imitan todo .

    daniel tellecheadaniel tellechea2 개월 전
  • ... two Komponents - ONE BICYCLE.

    michael bayermichael bayer2 개월 전
  • Your factories sleeping. When I ask online site when the size will be back in stock, they answer me that they wait answer of the supplier. In nkw day is impossible to buy bike as i see factories sleeping ha ha ha bullshit

    Miho shtangataMiho shtangata2 개월 전
  • What is the cauntry of this factory

    أحمد حمودةأحمد حمودة2 개월 전
    • @Mc Fly ok, thanks

      أحمد حمودةأحمد حمودة개월 전
    • Country is Taiwan

      Mc FlyMc Fly개월 전
  • first 2:30minutes is made giant frames and rest of video is stolen videos from anything else

    আবুবকরআবুবকর2 개월 전
  • Giant proud

    BustroffBustroff2 개월 전
  • ممتاز،👍

    تصليح دراجاتتصليح دراجات3 개월 전
  • DO NOT BUY GIANT! Still waiting for them to honor their warranty on a Trance E+ bought in December 2019. Bicycle battery will not charge, the warranty claim submitted in June.

    TT TTTT TT3 개월 전
    • I tell a different story. Had a issue with my rear wheel. No 8 days and it was solved and never had any 6at all

      Mc FlyMc Fly개월 전
  • If only they could manufacture a great paint job.

    Antoine MaximaAntoine Maxima3 개월 전
  • Disclaimer: Mute the music before watching this video.

    Ahmed Abd Al-AzizAhmed Abd Al-Aziz3 개월 전
  • Y porque son muy caras si son de plastico y carbon

    Vidkar Davila victorinoVidkar Davila victorino3 개월 전
  • bici Italiana fatta in cina almeno non fate vedere il filmato

    Massimo BoggianMassimo Boggian3 개월 전
  • That music is lethal....🤦

    Lional RimmleLional Rimmle3 개월 전
  • don't buy from China!

    envisage BGTenvisage BGT3 개월 전
  • perdido

    EH BeusEH Beus3 개월 전
  • How much cost for making cycle plant

    FREEDOM FighterFREEDOM Fighter3 개월 전
  • That music tells me these people are not serious.

    ivanteo1973ivanteo19733 개월 전
  • Bicycle or football??

    Adi Fabulous ManagementAdi Fabulous Management3 개월 전
  • 섬유자체는 안비싼데 만드는 공정이 뭣같아서 비싼거

    압도적인 힘으로압도적인 힘으로3 개월 전
  • May b music is not so nice to hear but the result is here at the end 💪👍😜

    BA LOUMBA LOUM4 개월 전
  • Madre por lo k veo es más fácil armar un carro. K una bicicleta 😅 hay me disculpan😁

    Fredy ManzanoFredy Manzano4 개월 전
  • Although I have an ad block and don't see any commercials on YT I'm amazed that in this 11 minutes long Giant commercial is 7 commercial brakes (all I see is 7 yellow dots). Commercials in commercial. Crazy!

    BartBart4 개월 전
  • I still don't figure out how do they unmold the carbon fiber

    HnknfullHnknfull4 개월 전
    • If they tell or show you all the secrete. They will shut down the company. You got it ?

      Social MediaSocial Media개월 전
  • ㅋ 자이언트.. ㅎㅎ 어드방 sl이네 ㅋㅋ

    응뭔들좋아응뭔들좋아4 개월 전
  • The best... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍

  • You missed the most important parts of forming the carbon bike. Not a informative video at all...

    Dongyang ZhangDongyang Zhang4 개월 전
  • Giant bike with built in cabinet and cooling fan.... !

    Copmy DCopmy D4 개월 전
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    blue skyblue sky4 개월 전
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    cr777 cr777cr777 cr7774 개월 전
    • عشقی

      blue skyblue sky4 개월 전
  • Music ugh👎

    larr brownlarr brown4 개월 전
  • GIANT bikes are made in Asia? I'm gutted. Was thinking of buying a bicycle from them. Well, will buy from a European brand then.

    Yan FikYan Fik4 개월 전
    • giant is from taiwan so ofcourse their bikes are made in asia.

      mega91646mega916464 개월 전
    • 90% of all frames for different brands are actually made at 1 or 2 plants in China.

      geothongeothon4 개월 전
  • Carbon to buy carbon frames cycling...we at indonesia...

    moch irfan junaedhimoch irfan junaedhi4 개월 전
  • made in thailand......sawasdee....

    Kaerese TgfdrKaerese Tgfdr4 개월 전
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Sathish andhavar Sathish andhavarSathish andhavar Sathish andhavar4 개월 전
  • Wonderful see how GIANT BIKE IS BUILT.

    Tere SantoniTere Santoni4 개월 전
  • wow.. amazing

    Dakwah DigitalDakwah Digital4 개월 전
  • ゲーム機や扇風機等作ってるのは驚いた!

    石井周三石井周三4 개월 전
  • 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

    Александр РАлександр Р5 개월 전
  • المشاريع الصناعية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الناجحة جداً في الجزائر، غير مكلفة، و مربحة جداً LM-MACHINERY

    mourad LM-Machinerymourad LM-Machinery5 개월 전
  • Why they haven't automated the manufacturing process?

    nishant Kumarnishant Kumar5 개월 전
  • fantastischergigant

    kamaroway güntherkamaroway günther5 개월 전
  • 台灣之光

    陳文吉陳文吉5 개월 전
  • Dumb ass elevator music combined with an ad every 90 seconds. Pass.

    Rooftop VoterRooftop Voter5 개월 전
  • It is an old video on Giant. It looked like just combine bunch manufacturing ad video into the mix.

    Albert WangAlbert Wang5 개월 전
  • How much in Pakistan

    Danish TanoliDanish Tanoli5 개월 전
  • None of the workers seem to enjoy making "beautiful" carbon frames, I can almost hear what they really think...

    correcaminos7correcaminos75 개월 전
    • what is there to enjoy. it is a tedious manual labor job. probably a good place to mess up your lung with fiber particle.

      sin Mcsin Mc3 개월 전
  • Bad music I hate this video due to music 🤯

    Knowledge videos about everythingKnowledge videos about everything5 개월 전
  • Making bicycles frames in China, this is one of many companies that condemns economy to destruction. Produce where you sell.

    Antonio BastosAntonio Bastos6 개월 전
    • Giant bikes are headquartered and made in Taiwan., not China.

      James BJames B5 개월 전
  • 😒Giant 👎 Only steel, only hardcore. 😜🤘

    Сергей RZ_HeroСергей RZ_Hero6 개월 전
  • FANTASTIC... just makes me sad that I can't buy an American made product that meets my requirements. German, Chinese, Canadian, Italy, and American components make up my bike. If I could find what I want, made in America, I would always go that route. To support my local economy yes, but also because I would rather not add to an already polluted ecosphere having everything shipped around the fucking planet. Why do we allow sociopathic business monkies to build this ridiculously fragile house of cards we live in? All Hail Money!

    Brian BassettBrian Bassett6 개월 전
    • @Michael Yackovich I'm not talking about the cottage bike industry. I'm pointing out how fucked up the system is when I have to buy a specific product from the other side of the planet and have it shipped. The technology to build great bikes is both simple and commonplace today. It either takes an artist or an investment of 100s of millions to make a great bike. When you invest the money and have an unlimited low-wage slave force the profits become obscene, and those profits are never used to repair the damage done to the ecosphere that happened to produce the product... bikes in this case. It's going to be fun as hell to see how many huge companies fold because they never directed profits into anything but bank accounts and how to squeeze more profit out of their products. Less fun to see their employees starving until someone that cares less about themselves than profits can obtain control. You and I are on two separate wavelengths on bikes I think. I would never own a Ti bike for how I ride. I also think that custom bikes aren't necessary for 99.5% of riders. Stay safe.

      Brian BassettBrian Bassett5 개월 전
    • Only bikes you can buy made over here are custom or Litespeed or Lynksys TI bikes

      Michael YackovichMichael Yackovich5 개월 전
  • FML! This music!!! WHY????? Why???!!!!!!

    BRollBRoll6 개월 전

  • Giant tengo dos una defy advance 2011 y una tcr baby blue 2013 me encantan mis bicicletas ademas de la trek que tengo ya hora de comprarme otra.

    Felix SanchezFelix Sanchez6 개월 전
  • You music is hellish

    deep Savannahdeep Savannah6 개월 전
  • Carbon fiber but i saw electricfan factory😁

    Munar AvenueMunar Avenue6 개월 전
  • i thought GIANT bike is made in the US, it is made in China?

    manuel dominomanuel domino6 개월 전
    • @Michael Yackovich Giant has been around since 1972.

      Stefano CaroleoStefano Caroleo3 개월 전
    • Giant is the worlds biggest frame manufacturer, they make frames for many other bike brands too, they have been around for over 100 years,

      Michael YackovichMichael Yackovich5 개월 전
  • جميل جدا

    علاء العسكريعلاء العسكري6 개월 전
  • I think the main problem is the background music. LOL

    Indra PT涂凡倪Indra PT涂凡倪6 개월 전