Incredible modern cow farming & milking technology. Amazing milk harvest dairy cow breeding method

2020. 10. 02.
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Incredible modern cow farming & milking technology. Amazing milk harvest dairy cow breeding method.
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In this video:
1. GEA Farming
2. Mammut Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H
3. Milkomax

  • When the udder looks like a testicle that's about to explode it's obviously animal abuse

    Jashonn ReeseJashonn Reese9 일 전
  • Сут канча литр 60 л чыгат окшойткооо

    Жылдыз ПайызоваЖылдыз Пайызова15 일 전
  • Вааууу суппер малдарго

    Жылдыз ПайызоваЖылдыз Пайызова15 일 전
  • Sauerei, dem sage ich selbst als Bauer, reinste Tierquälerei. Geldgier, wehe da kommt ein Virus oder eine andere Krankheit, weil solche Tiere sind eindeutig überzüchtet. Haben diese Züchter überhaupt moch eine Ethik oder heisst ihre Ethik Geld geld geld. Ich frage mich wann mal schluss ist mit solchen idiotischem gebahren.

    Marcel MoserMarcel Moser20 일 전

    Ysbelia CorderoYsbelia Cordero21 일 전
  • WoW

    Shobi RingTones MakerShobi RingTones Maker개월 전
  • GO VEGAN !!!

    Meat KillsMeat Kills개월 전
  • 💀MEAT KILLS !!!💀 Statistics unambiguously confirm: the consumption of mammalian meat reduces life expectancy. Research has shown that in total life expectancy drops by 13% with daily consumption of a portion of freshly cooked meat just a little smaller than the palm, and by as much as 20% with a daily consumption of a portion of pre-processed - one a hot dog or two strips of bacon. For diseases that caused death in both groups, the dependence of risks on consumption of red meat was as follows: the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 18% and 21% for fresh and processed meat respectively, cancer - by 10% and 16%.

    Meat KillsMeat Kills개월 전
  • You are the west

    Awadh kishor JhaAwadh kishor Jha개월 전
  • The last moat positionally warn because fiberglass frequently play over a berserk crocus. unkempt, bustling israel

    Lucy MeyerLucy Meyer개월 전
  • Cow gives milk for it's calf like any other Mammal....

    Bhawesh LohaniBhawesh Lohani개월 전
  • Those who are feeling pity for cow stop having milk products... Ice Cream,Milk,Butter,Curd,Cheese etc

    Bhawesh LohaniBhawesh Lohani개월 전
  • Cow farming is an art, but most of you use it just for its meat. You drink mother's milk only for months, but for the rest of your life, you've to depend on cow's milk, right? Say no to beef and cow slaughters.

    Prasad MVPrasad MV개월 전
  • 😢😢😢😢😢

    Judy ShiraniJudy Shirani개월 전
  • After seen this picture, I felt very sorry about these animals, I promised to myself not to drink fresh milk.

    Judy ShiraniJudy Shirani개월 전
  • Bhagvan ke liye ye mat Karo...bahut pain hota hai ye bejuban pranio ko

    mik mikamik mika개월 전
  • 젖소의삶이 불쌍하구나! 얼마나 고통스러울까?

    susie Hsusie H개월 전
  • This is soo painful and heartbreaking to watch 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • न म

    Mansing KushwahMansing Kushwah개월 전
  • Gah, that’s disgusting.

    LinaLina개월 전
  • Human Rights and no animal rights??

    Simantini SinhaSimantini Sinha개월 전
  • What foolishness these people are doing

    Praveen Kumar K.V K.VPraveen Kumar K.V K.V개월 전
  • After seen these videos I stopped drinking milk. This is so sad .This milk is not for humans it’s for their babies . Please stop drinking milk.

    priyanthi jayasinghepriyanthi jayasinghe개월 전
  • Hay que llegar a las leyes no hay otra juntando firmas asi no pasa este tipo de abusos

    Gabi MonteroGabi Montero개월 전
  • Es muy triste la realidad quiero me gusta gente del chat bamos

    Gabi MonteroGabi Montero개월 전
  • Hay gente que esta unida para defender estos abusos en el ganado esta Google hay que buscarlo yo lo boy a buscar😢🙋

    Gabi MonteroGabi Montero개월 전

    Rafa MessiRafa Messi개월 전
  • la vidéo avec les veaux, n'est clairement pas française. Le bouclage se fait bien plus tôt en France, et en plus le type de boucle d'identification n'est pas le même que chez nous. En revanche, leurs pâtures pour les élèves sont pas mal.

    Maliya SketuveMaliya Sketuve개월 전
  • en revanche je n'aime pas la poudre de lait. L'assimilation ne se fait pas très bien si le veau est fragile ou paresseux. j'envisage de faire vêler plus de vaches, et de garder le surnombre pour servir de nourrices pour les veaux.

    Maliya SketuveMaliya Sketuve개월 전
  • C'est la première fois que je vois ce modèle de robot lely qui se déplace sur rail pour aller chercher les vaches pour ainsi dire sur place...

    Maliya SketuveMaliya Sketuve개월 전
  • Prevent the cruelty to the poor cows

    sreelatha satheesansreelatha satheesan개월 전
  • Ils sont extrêmement lents sur cette vidéo. Personnellement, j'ai beau être lente, j'aurais nettoyé la mamelle et branché la griffe pour 2 vaches sur la même durée, que leur seul nettoyage. Et pourtant on me reproche ma lenteur...

    Maliya SketuveMaliya Sketuve개월 전
  • B7b.,

    Rippu SahaRippu Saha개월 전
  • After drinking their milk, these cruel people eat the cows.

    komala shankarkomala shankar개월 전
    • Ungrateful ppl 😒

      aavani naiduaavani naidu개월 전
  • Looks painful. How much the cow has to bear the pain?? They can,t talk or express their feelings and pain with this machine milking

    komala shankarkomala shankar개월 전
  • Very very bad

    Kiranmai ThirukovelourKiranmai Thirukovelour개월 전
  • I feel not good for cow (this technology)

    Kiran KumarKiran Kumar개월 전
  • Cvdjc hdch fb gdhc

    Sangeta KSangeta K개월 전
  • It's not technology.....they harrasing....cows

    Bandoju SunithaBandoju Sunitha개월 전
  • Hi saitej

    Sushant NaikSushant Naik개월 전
  • Боже это что за Монстр?

    Rudakova TatyanaRudakova Tatyana개월 전
  • let go every one vigan plz sucker business peoples

    dil pundil pun개월 전
  • you are crazy too heavy cow stopit

    dil pundil pun개월 전
  • 😠😠😠

    Muniyappa SMuniyappa S개월 전
  • It amazes me how uninformed and uneducated the people who respond here can be. Milking feels good ... the cows udders are engorged with milk ... they need the relief that the milking machines give them. The cows go to the milking machines because they want to.

    ReseecupgaReseecupga개월 전
  • Hell amazing. This is so painful for the cows. Please stop it.😠

    Stanzin Snidon1536Stanzin Snidon1536개월 전
  • Very good

    Huma KhanHuma Khan개월 전
  • Converting a life and turning the animal as justmilk vending machine is an unspeakable torture and crime. Long live Covid 19.

    Lakshmanan JagannathanLakshmanan Jagannathan개월 전
    • Heartbreak

      Sandhya Raghu RamanSandhya Raghu Raman개월 전
    • Yes, painful to see misuse of technology

      Sandhya Raghu RamanSandhya Raghu Raman개월 전
    • @Jones Fernandes One should appreciate as modern technology wonder, if a woman's breasts enlarged to abnormal size and made capable of providing milk to, well, you decide, how many kids (!) should benefit ?

      Lakshmanan JagannathanLakshmanan Jagannathan개월 전
    • Many no more live in caves. Learn to accept technology for good use.

      Jones FernandesJones Fernandes개월 전
  • If proper time not in setting blood will come. And cow will die. So sad

    vijayalakshmi Nvijayalakshmi N개월 전
  • I want cow vanar phone number

    revu manirevu mani개월 전
  • Ok

    Carmilla EzungCarmilla Ezung개월 전
  • Don't do like that

    Yadagiri NaraboinaYadagiri Naraboina개월 전
  • 7

    Selvam SSelvam S개월 전
  • chinnasamysamy

    Chinnasamy SamyChinnasamy Samy개월 전
  • Cows are innocent why u people spoiling cows health for ur business .see how the cow is unable to stand with heavy weight of milk bag....

    Ujwal KrishnaUjwal Krishna개월 전
  • వ్చడబ్దంద్యందండ్డం

    patnam sarasvathipatnam sarasvathi개월 전
  • So cruel

    yamuna ryamuna r개월 전
    • Kunverbai HiraniKunverbai Hirani개월 전
  • Papam pls don't do that

    pushpa yadhavpushpa yadhav개월 전
  • ⁶de 6

    Deuselina FernandesDeuselina Fernandes개월 전
  • Era pra está mamando na mãe

    ana cecilia velozoana cecilia velozo개월 전
  • No cow will produce 5 gallon milk with out hormone and pain pure abuse

    Rama ShivashankarRama Shivashankar개월 전
  • Sad may being vegan

    Rama ShivashankarRama Shivashankar개월 전
  • So sad, poor cows, no bying milk more. That is horrible

    Sabine SturmSabine Sturm개월 전
  • Looks unnatural the size looks they are fed with boosters or steroids to give more milk.. we are so cruel..

    SS개월 전
  • The person who is doing this cruelty, your next generation will born like this

    BasmassBasmass개월 전
  • Amaging kaadhuuu... Papam mooga jeevaalaki evevoo madicine petti elaa chesthunnaaru.. papam😭 vaatiki antha pain alaa unte... Veellaki money eh kaavaali. Cheee ..

    Anusha KAnusha K개월 전
  • U

    জয়ন্ত জেনারেল, ইস্টর, কোনাবাড়ীজয়ন্ত জেনারেল, ইস্টর, কোনাবাড়ী개월 전
  • Ah você nem vai acreditar eu sou rica eu tenho milhares e milhares de filhotinho gostei desse

    Adenizia RosaAdenizia Rosa개월 전
  • Not good is too much abuse for cows es terrible only for the cows gave alot milk

    Maria GonzalezMaria Gonzalez개월 전
  • L🌹🌹🌹🌾🌾😹😹🏫⛪😹😹😹😹🙂😆😆🤗🌱😆🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺😆🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🌹🙂🙂😆🙂😹🙂🌺😆🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Nothing to be amaze about. This is totally inhuman act. Every thing that is given is not for the cows.benedit but for humans benefit

    Indrani CarupayaIndrani Carupaya개월 전
    • I bet u were having beef fry and milk while writing these kind words

      jin7 jinjin7 jin개월 전
    • I agree with you, first show your kindness to cow by not having milk and it's products. Please, human will follow you after that.

      Jyoti PranavJyoti Pranav개월 전
    • yes

      dil pundil pun개월 전
    • Mgaf

      Sonia MadalinaSonia Madalina개월 전
    • W6w6

      muhammed alimuhammed ali개월 전
  • Pity the cows. Why you humans mistreat them. They are also living being who must be cared n not use to get rich. Poor rhing

    Indrani CarupayaIndrani Carupaya개월 전
  • So sad of those cows in jail

    shalini sshalini s개월 전
  • بسم الله تبارك الله

    عبدو ياسرعبدو ياسر개월 전
  • Ausbeutung😔das hat mit noemalwr Landwirtschaft nichts mehr zu tun!!!

    Barbara MaierBarbara Maier개월 전
    • Furchtbar, solche Euter....und dann wird vieles gar nicht konsumiert sondern weggeschmissen etc. Und die Kälber sortieren nach der Geburt von derMutterkuh getrennt..........die Technik selber, ja, ist bemerkenswert einerseits, andererseits macht es diese Massenproduktion möglich

      Heidi LasHeidi Las23 일 전
    • Sehr wahr,😔😔

      Rom romRom rom개월 전

    Tejaan ShowTejaan Show개월 전
  • Supper sir🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

    Kumaresh சூப்பர்Kumaresh சூப்பர்개월 전
  • Kerala😎

    orange orangeorange orange개월 전
    • @orange orange where place

      safasafa개월 전
    • Yess

      orange orangeorange orange개월 전
    • you malayali

      safasafa개월 전
  • Very bad modern technology 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    மிஸ்:தண்மதி கணேசன் மதிமிஸ்:தண்மதி கணேசன் மதி개월 전

    Fezaan AdnanFezaan Adnan개월 전
  • এই গরু দাম কত কোথায় পাওয়া যাবে

    Rabbi AhmedRabbi Ahmed개월 전
  • eo z zjdb

    Eliza DuranEliza Duran개월 전
    • r ssnsbd saali!

      Eliza DuranEliza Duran개월 전
  • C

    Panchwatiben NisarataPanchwatiben Nisarata개월 전
  • See

    03112602012 Asif03112602012 Asif개월 전
  • I think the cow🐄 get more pain it shaking the sad they can do slowly..we are drinking tea coffee nicely

    Rahmathu NissaRahmathu Nissa개월 전
  • Its too much live ki alive ki teda marchi potunnadu manishi so sad

    Jaya LakshmiJaya Lakshmi개월 전
  • H

    kadhiyamu Muhammad Muhammadkadhiyamu Muhammad Muhammad개월 전
  • Gydydh😞🤔👌

    Fardowsa DakableFardowsa Dakable개월 전
  • I am shook

    Yeshi AlemeYeshi Aleme개월 전
  • why do people go behind money and hurt those poor cows . I feel so pity of them

    • Achcha jab milk nhi rahega to chai kaha se banayegi badi.lassi kaise banegi paneer jo khaati hai woh kaise khayegi badi taras khaa rahi hai dikh raha hai kitna taras hai tumlog k andar

      daddy.princess nurainedaddy.princess nuraine개월 전
    • @Reseecupga yes, true when that's the case why should the calf stay away from its mom,why should these be slaughtered when they are willing to give the milk.

      Panduranga BhatPanduranga Bhat개월 전
    • @Panduranga Bhat , being milked feels good to the cow. They are engorged and need to be relieved of the fullness of being engorged. They go willingly to the milkers.

      ReseecupgaReseecupga개월 전
    • @Ayan shaikh ষষষষ

      Anis UddinAnis Uddin개월 전
    • @Ayan shaikh no nothing that way,here in our place that is not condition. The cows are there u see they make a herd go out for walk, and also are provided food at home,calf stay close to their mom,drink milk directly from their mom. We are also emotionally attached. We don't let them land in slaughter house. They have natural death'. Domestications of cows is common here in our place in every household. One should earn money with out cheating.

      Panduranga BhatPanduranga Bhat개월 전
  • একটা গরুতে কত লিটার দুধ হয় বল

    অন্ধকার জীবনঅন্ধকার জীবন개월 전
  • This is a crime against nature and god

    jingly bingiyjingly bingiy개월 전
  • Aqui se ve se nota q los animales son bien tratados como debe ser hay buenas personas q an a sus animales q aman y respetan y les dan buenos trato q dios bendiga siempre a estas buenas personasy tambien a sus vaquitas terneritos

  • You don't show the big cow

    Jayanthi ChandranJayanthi Chandran개월 전
  • Poor cows , they hurt much much,

    ABC Online AcademyABC Online Academy개월 전
    • 8ฟำรบ

      M7ขon MonM7ขon Mon개월 전
  • didn't see the big cow!!!!🤬

    Allytech CorporationAllytech Corporation개월 전
    • Shreyansh twiari

      Vijay tiwari TiwariVijay tiwari Tiwari개월 전
  • Evil Animal cruelty.

    sheela sundaramsheela sundaram개월 전
  • यह गाय कितने रुपए का है कितने रुपए तक मिल जाएगी बताओ

    निखिल चौरसिया 1530निखिल चौरसिया 1530개월 전
  • Szörnyi a tehenekkel mit művelnek hogy többet tejelőjén..alat kínzás

    Santa TereziaSanta Terezia개월 전
  • Hello sir plz I m sercaing job .I m poor.i live in India.

    Suraj SinghSuraj Singh개월 전

      Punam jcPunam jc개월 전