Incredible longest band saw blade manufacturing process. Amazing machines production process methods

2020. 04. 28.
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Incredible longest band saw blade manufacturing process. Amazing machines production process methods.

Introvert by Otis Galloway
Ukulele Fun by Rafael Krux
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  • 철공일을 40년동안이나 했는대도 톱날작업공정을보고 놀라운과학이 숨어있다는것을 이제서 발견했씁니다 자세히 보니 돕날과정에서 과학이 숨겨져 있썼군요 어떠한월리 때문인지좀 가르쳐 주시면 감사하겠어요 설계하는대 참고가 많이 될것같아서 질문드림니다 꼭알려주십시요

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  • need to tell what's going on

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  • Saw doctoring is the main problem faced by most of the saw Miller's. To make the proper kerf & angle need more skill & precision equipment . Otherwise the recovery & efficiency will be affected besides the surface of the lumber !

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  • Sangat changih alat alat nya

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  • The perfect blade for a scrollsaw

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  • Muy bueno me gusta a herreria,trabaje en taller de aserradero, soldaba con plata industrial o bronce las mas finas. 👍

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  • I see Chinese machines doing Unmonitored work....then an “American” looking dude “setting” each tooth by hand.

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  • Accurate, coordinated and elaborate work. We thank the workers in this factory who are developing machines and tools. We tell them of us all our respect and appreciation.

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  • Saw Doctors

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  • 各シーンは面白いけど、全体はバラバラの寄せ集め。拾い物で小遣い稼ぎでもする乞食動画ですか?

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  • Que vale una sierr cinta con dientes de tusteno de 3 pulgadas de ancha y 6.55 metros

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  • I worked with co for 28 years on this type . Saws

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  • Should be possible to make mechanical clock spinal part the same size for wind turbine alternative.

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  • The process of removing the “bumps” from the middle of the band or round blade is know as re-tensioning. I have watched a band mill in operation with a 72” log capacity in action. Impressive to be sure. The teeth being pushed from side to side is the “set” of the teeth. The expression “all set” comes from this operation, when a blade was ready for service after re-tensioning and teeth were in the correct positions “ they are all set”

    Billy Bob BrubakerBilly Bob Brubaker5 개월 전
    • No the skipped touth on the setting machine is not just random.....but rather it acts as a raker to clear. Sawdust from the kerf of the cut....

      maezzeemaezzee2 개월 전
    • @Random pplllppllp 0 lo

      Narendra lodhi Narendra lodhiNarendra lodhi Narendra lodhi4 개월 전
    • @Random I think not randomly, just at a certain interval, but I can not tell about that. The straight teeth will go deeper than the bended ones, so I am sure it has a function too... maybe for vibrations as you mentioned, or maybe they make sure the blade doesnt bend sideways when it enters the wood.

      Benny HelmundtBenny Helmundt4 개월 전
    • @Benny Helmundt Yes but they seem randomly skip teeth.

      RandomRandom4 개월 전
    • @Random the uneven stting is to make the cut a little wider than the blade itself. If the cut has same width as the blade then the wood will squeeze and there will be a lot of friction. Eventually it will get hot and start a fire. You see that everywhere. Even on normal hacksaws the teeth are set uneven. If they were not you would not be able to pull and push the saw when you get a little into the piece you are sawing.

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  • It would be nice if someone would explain what the fuck is going on. Shitty video produced by dummies!. Note to self - Add Sky Creative HD to list of submitters to avoid watching ever!

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  • Me too, it gives me idea of like they work

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  • What is that liquid?

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    • The liquid used is coolant....

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  • So they've finally made something that can cut my toe nails.

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    • @peter baxter They keep breaking but they are made in China.

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    • Tin snips will do

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  • Inserts New band saw blade; Breaks it immediately. I hate that!

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    • I’ve done that . Take up the tension and the weld snaps. Also when I opened the box took cable ties off unfolded blade and that snapped at the weld.

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  • American balde: very sharp, easy to cut most things. Asian balde: will slice the space-rime continuum easily.

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  • I winder if the Chinese subscripts are saying where the blade can be made cheaper and shittier?

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  • the guy working at 4:40 doesn't have any arc protection..... probably isn't even using a helmet of face shield.... not very smart & makes the video look like shit.

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  • This is amazing :)

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  • Doesn't show how they're made. Shows how they are sharpened. Bogus!

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    • Sharpening is also a part off the production process..

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    • @maezzee i use to weld all types of metals, if i didn't anneal steel welds before placing them under load, they would snap every time. i see the same problem for people who weld on their vehicles, they never anneal the weld, later on after some load and flexing, the weld snaps. simple annealing would prevent it.

      thousand points of lightthousand points of light2 개월 전
    • The metal used in the saws themselves has a high carbon content....if the welds were not annealed the would break instantly once under tension and use...

      maezzeemaezzee2 개월 전
    • thousand points of light

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    • They roll it up like the smaller ones and the customer sacrifices an employee to unroll it.

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  • This was more interesting than I thought 🤔

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  • Question is how those machine are made

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  • 初めて見ました、進んでるね、機械精密ですね。流れで大のこカッター作るとわ凄い。

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  • We have diamond saw blades with good quality and competitive price, welcome to contact us:

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  • Thank met us half way by providing some of the real sounds from the machinery instead of all the video being music. Now would like it if you would add verbal narrations or at least text boxes showing us what some of the what's, why's, and how's are for some of the processes

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  • @4:43 massive UV exposure, upside kills C Virus downside skin cancer. No PPE very foolish.

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  • People take a lot for granted. Imagine working at a mill and one of these welds failing. Hundreds of pounds of razor sharp high nickel spring steel flying around at great speed.

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    • A good quality industrial machine is designed to be fail safe.

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    • Shotgun says it all

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    • no use in trying to get the cheapest posible, it will probably give you only trouble, I agree with your statement

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  • My uncle used to repaired and sharpen these saw blades for our saw mile in the 40s through the 80s in Keuterville Idaho.

    Errol PoxleitnerErrol Poxleitner8 개월 전
    • @Errol Poxleitner It's an incredible coincidence. I would like to contact you. My e-mail:

      Jo BirdJo Bird4 개월 전
    • @Jo Bird yes that is my family . My dad was Charies w Poxleitner.

      Errol PoxleitnerErrol Poxleitner4 개월 전
    • Hello Errol, in 1981 I went to visit a Poxleitner family in Idaho. The family had a sawmill. Raymond Poxleitner from MN took me there. But I live in Germany. Was that your family?

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  • Amazing but there is some problem to the worker why the will not wearing protective gear for the body.

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  • there was no fancy sharpeners like in this video, all was don by hand

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  • I was a sawyer for 15 years, i used to changes these twice a day

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