Look this incredible firewood processor working - Amazing big wood sawmill tree shredder machines

2020. 11. 05.
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Look this incredible firewood processor working - Amazing big wood sawmill tree shredder machines.
In this video:
1. Dirk Bergman
KOworld: koworld.info/tools/f3LX104Xxlhf1wrXHCL4MQfeatured
2. Manfred Habl
KOworld: koworld.infofeatured
Website: www.manfred-habl.de/
3. Eva Zhu
KOworld: koworld.info/tools/7L86hswGctPVL-jfRnhXaQ
Website: www.yuequnmachinery.com
Email: eva@yuequnmachinery.com
Whatsapp: +8613573972191

  • Pauvres africains nous admirons la haute technologie.

    Michel DoumtsopMichel Doumtsop10 일 전
  • "Firewood processor"? Seriously?!! Who's writing your captions?

    BossmanEightBossmanEight13 일 전
  • This reminds me of dehydrated water!

    Bob FishBob Fish18 일 전
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  • These people don;'t know the difference between "Plywood" and "fire wood". Such fun watching, all the same.

    Rick HarveyRick Harvey21 일 전
  • 9:33 that's soon an IKEA coffee table

    W DoggW Dogg22 일 전
  • Bende beyin iptal

    hakan kalakarhakan kalakar23 일 전
  • That has to be some of the most expensive firewood around 😂

    Randy CarterRandy Carter24 일 전
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  • I wanna see the trunk of a full grown Sequoia tree go in one side and a bazillion toothpicks come out the end. That would be sweet.

    Greg HartwickGreg Hartwick개월 전
  • These videos and many more are made by foreners that don't know what they are showing, don't let them make money off your views.

    David PookDavid Pook개월 전
    • yes but who else is showing it

      Peyton SmithPeyton Smith3 일 전
  • "Firewood processor"...? Your parents are cousins...?

    Alex RubioAlex Rubio개월 전
    • No, siblings.

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  • Plywood not firewood

    Gary AlexanderGary Alexander개월 전
  • I love watching the amazing engineering involved with these machines. So impressive. I am unsubscribing because your videos are misleading. I would like to see the machine that is pictured in the still at the beginning of each video. There are also too many ads for me. I will check back from time to time in hopes that changes were made.

    Sonia VriesenSonia Vriesen개월 전
  • Son grandes depredadores de los bosques y la naturaleza...!

    dace regadace rega개월 전
  • Super 👍 Wam to idzie 😄pozdrawiam

    Mirosław NMirosław N개월 전
  • Another great video ruined by excessive ads and pop-ups. People getting greedy with ad revenue.....

    Joseph BourqueJoseph Bourque개월 전
  • Great video, but I would rename it " incredible TIMBER processor working - Amazing big wood sawmill tree shredder machines".

    Joe LondereeJoe Londeree개월 전
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  • Firewood is at 10:11

    David TrutwinDavid Trutwin개월 전
  • Duh. Not a firewood maker. Veneer for making plywood.

    Tom BieberTom Bieber개월 전
  • Hey AH, where's the firewood??

    Jack RileyJack Riley개월 전
    • I don't normally watch ten minutes to view the subject of the click bait!!

      Jack RileyJack Riley개월 전
    • 10:11

      Martin WulfMartin Wulf개월 전
  • Stupid title/description.

    pumpupthevolumepumpupthevolume개월 전
  • This appears to be a wood veneer plant, likely to make plywood.

    Tom JonesTom Jones2 개월 전
    • Yeah. I'm going "firewood?"

      MrRaynemakerMrRaynemaker개월 전
  • Increíble la maquinaria que ahí para la madera

    Floren JiménezFloren Jiménez2 개월 전
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  • Very good your vedio

    Bobby PataytayBobby Pataytay2 개월 전
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  • 3:30 Why shredding that solid good wood?

    MemoriesMemories2 개월 전
    • Bio mass

      Ronald van der VeenRonald van der Veen개월 전
    • @sam onella Thanks for the information 🙂

      MemoriesMemories2 개월 전
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  • Great work n enteraining videos, 👍.

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  • Wrong title!?!

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    • The first of the video the logs are being shaved for veneer.

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