Amazing truck wheel production and other interesting manufacturing technology. Incredible machines.

2020. 01. 21.
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Amazing truck wheel production and other interesting manufacturing technology. Incredible machines.


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  • China

  • These are not the oversized and over wide doofus rims you see attached to most cuck-trucks these days.

    Alpha ForceAlpha Force15 일 전
  • Lacking in safety Big-Time ... OSHA would have a stroke in the U.S.A

    Rob P.Rob P.16 일 전
    • Shut up pussy. A man is responsible for his own safety. Morons like you are the reason American factories cannot be competitive... because your bullshit "safety regulations" inflate production costs by 30-50% or more. Go get a job at a beauty salon if you're so afraid. And strap that diaper to your face, because we know you're afraid of the renamed common cold.

      Alpha ForceAlpha Force15 일 전
  • 응 중국산

    hm phm p17 일 전
  • Why the cheesey porn music??

    Waylon ShultsWaylon Shults24 일 전
  • Well done

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  • Nice

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  • Yeahh good video! 😂

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  • 천멸중공

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  • Espectacular, cuando hay dinero, hay tecnología, todo mueve.

    Milton CarriónMilton Carrión개월 전
  • 8:48 Who wants to work 8 or 9 hours a day wearing shoes like these?

    Shawn HaydenShawn Hayden개월 전
  • Дорогие друзия подписайтис на мой канал пожалюста🙏

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  • Great to see a country that took our jobs in your video. Good choice

    Mark HintonMark Hinton3 개월 전
    • 😂😂😂

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  • Per il primo video, e un processo dispendioso in forze umane, lungo(come tempi)adotta troppe macchine e perciò consuma energia elettrica. Alla fine e costosa e lento tutto il processo industriale che fa aumentare il costo produttivo finale per ogni cerchione. Meglio una sola macchina robotica CNC e veloce, precisa e produce per tanti cad drawing di cerchi.

    Giuseppe BattaglieseGiuseppe Battagliese4 개월 전
  • Made in china VERY LOW QUALITY almost GARBAGE

    chito jacintochito jacinto5 개월 전
  • Mashallah suban Allah

    Zulfiqar KhanZulfiqar Khan5 개월 전
  • amazing

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  • Made in China crap

    BulldozerBulldozer6 개월 전
  • No Pope? I work in at Renyolds foundry back in the day. Definitely glad I Wore my ppe.

    DJEDJE6 개월 전
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  • This job would suck.

    Crispr TalkCrispr Talk6 개월 전
  • Could've been a good video but the music ruined the whole thing.

    Larry SwinneyLarry Swinney6 개월 전
  • No laser measurements at all in that wheel factory. That's wheely depressing.😞

    Mark KMark K6 개월 전
  • Hmm, Chinese from bicycle now making truck wheels !

    Valdi MicolchikValdi Micolchik7 개월 전
    • The Americans taught the Chinese how to make high tech goods👏

      Uncle DonaldUncle Donald개월 전
  • Why so much labor for such simple part. This is just terrible!

    AvsectorAvsector7 개월 전
  • this is why companies build things in foreign countries, there aren't any safety standards, America has standards, standards cost money, thus things cost more

    Rhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrjRhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrj7 개월 전
    • @junho shin I worked in factories for 36 years and it was nothing like this, very unsafe period. American machines have guards all around them, safety mechanisms galore. we do things safe and right in America

      Rhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrjRhnstjegilrhk Scvn1djhrj17 일 전
    • I don't think you have been to any heavy industry places in America, SAME SHIT

      junho shinjunho shin18 일 전
  • fuck china

    Marty BeaudryMarty Beaudry7 개월 전
  • No alloy wheels were harmed or made in the production of this video.

    Paul JBPaul JB7 개월 전
  • Places like this always need new employees. The reason is they lose a few a week from hands in presses.

    TheBeingRealTheBeingReal7 개월 전
  • the guy who recorded last part of video has no idea how to handle a video camera.. go home!

    Pestisori DePamantPestisori DePamant7 개월 전
  • Every video by these clowns are titled with bullshit clickbait...yet to watch a single video on this channel where the title thumbnail is included in the video. Rubbish

    Ryan VioletteRyan Violette7 개월 전
  • Thanks to countries like Zimbabwe and Rawanda we have wonderful manufacturing processes such as this.

    El LoboEl Lobo7 개월 전
  • Wonderfull Chanel.

    RACE lineRACE line7 개월 전
  • Did you see those dial indicators swingin? Made in China

    Big GoombaBig Goomba7 개월 전
    • im surprised they let the camera see that runout

      port starboardport starboard7 개월 전
  • Китайська хренотінь.

    Ігор ІвановичІгор Іванович8 개월 전
  • Fuck China!

    Chuck WagonChuck Wagon8 개월 전
  • Музыка говно!

    G VlastavG Vlastav8 개월 전
  • Those dial indicators were ALL over the place lol....Truck driver: I think my wheels need balancing, my steering wheel is vibrating :-)

    Muskoka MikeMuskoka Mike8 개월 전
    • I noticed that also, and they looked like truck steel rims unlike the alloy on the thumbnail. Kind of fail

      Massimo TavaMassimo Tava2 개월 전
  • good video !

    Rayuth RadoRayuth Rado8 개월 전
  • TRW, bring production back to America NOW!

    Carl SpenceCarl Spence8 개월 전
    • No Shit!! Chi Com crap! send the Covid back to them as well!!

      Ken UberKen Uber6 개월 전
  • Low quality product

    Akbar ImanfardAkbar Imanfard8 개월 전
  • Great whacko music.

    ZaptorZaptor8 개월 전
  • Not very high tech jobs, but Trump want it so badly. Once it's gone. it's gone.

    GX CGX C8 개월 전
  • Lets move the production back to EU or USA. Should not be promoting China after the mess they created.

    4D Modding4D Modding8 개월 전
    • I agree

      EmílioEmílio8 개월 전
  • These would last a year before cracking or rusting. I see a lot of videos of Chinese trucks driving along and lose a wheel. Now I know where they're made.

    Don ColemanDon Coleman8 개월 전
  • Wonder how many arms and hands get mangled in that wheel factory?

    ChevySS1968ChevySS19688 개월 전
    • They get staff rates on wheel chairs.

      spud pudspud pud7 개월 전
  • Clearly they are using a dial indicator at that factory to confirm that they don’t know how to make rims.

    Freezer GuyFreezer Guy8 개월 전
  • what the truck? truck rims? who gives a truck? wish they'd all truck off the truckwits

    Andy ManAndy Man8 개월 전
  • The indicator gauge is flailing like its measuring a lemon. Not something to be proud of.

    skitzvitzskitzvitz8 개월 전
    • Those would be the some of cheapest type on the market. With few automations, old equipment and such products speed. I am surprised is not worst .

      Raven kkRaven kk8 개월 전
  • No safety glasses?

    Hey MrDjHey MrDj8 개월 전
    • it's China, no safety anything

      Andy ManAndy Man8 개월 전
  • stupid music !

    john morellojohn morello8 개월 전
  • china shit wheels

    Paulino FernandesPaulino Fernandes8 개월 전
  • 中国世界工厂

    lia yelia ye8 개월 전
  • schiße Musik

    Mamoun Al-HmidiMamoun Al-Hmidi8 개월 전
  • Hello, I wanted to kindly remind you that I sent you a message regarding your videos. Please see my previous message. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Hello, It's Peter from NTD Television. Your videos are great! Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload your content to our media pages. Can we have your permission to do that? Thank you.

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    • 21

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    • M Guhhggb j

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  • Those wheels are severely out of round..

    Trey KTrey K9 개월 전
  • Expected to see aluminum wheels getting machined like thumbnail. Steel wheels in video instead.

    Tex PrepperTex Prepper9 개월 전
    • Steel > Aluminum, especially for emergency repairs.

      Alpha ForceAlpha Force15 일 전
  • Hahaha China at work.....these wheels will be crap.

    Daryl YoungerDaryl Younger10 개월 전
  • Good way to fall asleep

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  • grate, beauty,

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  • Corona house

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  • Very nice!

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  • wirr

    Switzer SemblanteSwitzer Semblante11 개월 전
  • entendéis humanos porque cada vez hay mas parados y pobreza y falta de trabajo , el que tenga cerebro para pensar que piense sino que se inmune

    Francisco MontoyaFrancisco Montoya11 개월 전
    • explicate

      Kaizer45Kaizer458 개월 전
  • С такой эпичной музыкой только вселенную захватывать!!а не диски делать.

    Денис ГурьяновДенис Гурьянов11 개월 전
    • А они и так уже во всех отраслях , куда не глянь везде мадэ ин китай

      Peter PetkerPeter Petker11 개월 전
  • Wheel manufacturing: Very little automation, too many processes controlled by manual labor..... Do not expect any quality from this plant. Worker protection? None that I saw.

    A-BorgiaA-Borgia11 개월 전
    • Not true, they are wearing work gloves.

      Ozzstar's CarsOzzstar's Cars11 개월 전
  • Chow..chow..

    Castanheiro CastaCastanheiro Casta11 개월 전
  • awesome

    Piotr TesterPiotr Tester11 개월 전
  • made in china not good quality...

    wan 30llswan 30lls11 개월 전
    • @globetrotter I'm happy to buy cheap Chinese goods. A third of the price of an equivalent elsewhere. Let me give you an example. I bought a cheap sound system for my motorhome. Online sale from Shanghai. A quarter of a big name Japanese one. I'm happy with it. It does the job. If it dies in two years, I'll shrug my shoulders and go online and buy another. They've made us a throwaway society. Point me in the direction of quality Chinese goods. I've got my Visa card ready to go. I like your cat proverb, but I'll never be homeless. Even got a plot bought for when I die.

      Don ColemanDon Coleman8 개월 전
    • @Don Coleman Did you not say, CHEAP Chinese product? How did it turn to be the same price as the Japanese? The thing here is, Chinese makes it affordable not the way you put it. At least you should be grateful, else you'd be homeless by now. As of quality, you've probably haven't come across some good products from China. I can name many quality products that are better than even Japanese or American but it's too much for you to handle it. And to top it off, it's way more cheaper. There is a saying, "It doesn't matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice". Remember this quote and it might help you in life.

      globetrotterglobetrotter8 개월 전
    • @globetrotter I, like consumers the world over buy cheap Chinese products. Economics 101; Cheap supply, and there's a demand for it. I've got a house full of Chinese made goods. Be realistic though. In this day and age, the quality isn't quite there. In a decade they'll run rings around the US, Japan and other major manufacturing nations. But not yet. You get what you pay for, and I accept that. If you saw two electronic items, both exactly the same in quality and price. One from Japan, the other from China. How many would choose the Japanese made one? Most would.

      Don ColemanDon Coleman8 개월 전
    • @Don Coleman I feel sorry for you too. The whole world knows that China makes cheap and expensive stuff and that's the reason they have become the 2nd largest economy. I am not even Chinese and I know more than your ignorant brain.

      globetrotterglobetrotter8 개월 전
    • The whole world knows that China makes cheap stuff, not good stuff. These will crack or rust within a year.

      Don ColemanDon Coleman8 개월 전
  • what is name music???

    muhamed shorbagymuhamed shorbagy11 개월 전
    • This song is called: Low budget porn music, from the album Happy fun time gangbang concern.

      Mark KMark K6 개월 전
    • I can't remember the name but it was inspired by a washing machine and produced by a non musical and tone deaf, retired accountant.

      spud pudspud pud7 개월 전
    • crap

      Andy ManAndy Man8 개월 전
  • Where is the amazing part?

    Ovidiu CiuparuOvidiu Ciuparu11 개월 전
  • Pito para todos

    Lalo FigueroaLalo Figueroa11 개월 전
  • 3:48 ужасно кривые диски, биение на поверхности в несколько миллиметров, стрелка как бешенная дергается

    Некен ВольдемаровичНекен Вольдемарович11 개월 전
    • Самое смешное, иностранные комментаторы даже не в курсе, что за прибор и видимо сумасшедшая стрелка так и должна себя вести.

      Sergei PopovSergei Popov4 개월 전
  • Made in china

    Chand 500Chand 50011 개월 전
    • 😷🤒🤕💀

      Christopher MangallonChristopher Mangallon8 개월 전
  • hi there and the video was great and instructive i also liked it and i did it

    Hossein shekarchiHossein shekarchi11 개월 전
  • ни хрена там биение !!! жесть.

    trurbomailtrurbomail11 개월 전
    • И так сойдет, на монтажке скажут что резина хреновая

      Andrey AndrushkoAndrey Andrushko9 개월 전
  • High quality shit made in China. Guaranteed for 2 years or six miles, which ever comes first.

    G. R.G. R.11 개월 전
    • You have a problem

      Sthembiso MthembuSthembiso Mthembu11 개월 전
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  • Super

    Santosh SSantosh S11 개월 전
  • All cars in the Egyptian market do not conform to international standards for safety and security, with the price being too exaggerated

    Ibrahem MohamedIbrahem Mohamed11 개월 전
  • 로얄 샬루트

    뭥미뭥미11 개월 전
  • Good video Ruined by irritating music ever Stopped watching

    John RitchieJohn Ritchie11 개월 전
  • No breathing protection ?

    crewcut212crewcut21211 개월 전
  • jaman semakin jangkih bgt ya

    Ombak SamudraOmbak Samudra11 개월 전
  • Фуфло кривое

    1 11 111 개월 전
  • China- you name it, we can fuck it up

    MegaJohnhammondMegaJohnhammond11 개월 전
  • Why all this factory r not in meghalaya so all people can get a job

    Banlyndem BanlyndemBanlyndem Banlyndem11 개월 전
  • Huft china again

    wood working chanelwood working chanel11 개월 전
  • Fantastic

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  • スズキエブリイのホイールも作ってんな~♪ 秀樹感激です=3

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  • And hardly a pair of safety glasses in sight.

    Timothy BakerTimothy Baker11 개월 전
    • Timothy Baker or hearing protection. F that!

      Nic NeameNic Neame11 개월 전
  • Τέλεια η κατασκευή των ζαντων και άλλων αντικειμένων και μοτέρ1.000 μπράβο παιδιά.

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  • Mantap

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