I never seen this modern farming technology before - Amazing automatic poultry production processing

2020. 06. 16.
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I never seen this modern farming technology before - Amazing automatic poultry production processing.
Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende
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Tuesday by Sascha Ende
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Fretless by Kevin MacLeod
Link: filmmusic.io/song/3777-fretless
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  • Yes I do eat meat but I try as hard as I can to buy meat that’s been humanely raised That’s my only way to show respect to the animal 🌿

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  • The music is Awesome....What a great video that this is. Very Inspirational.

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  • I feel so horrible at chicks farming...About 5 weeks, their lives are done..Lets go Vegan..

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  • And that's why ladies and gentlemen we're all going to hell

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    • @Granma Bern I agree... It seems there's more evil in the world than good... We do our part but it seems evil is gaining on us

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    • Danno no, many of us will go to hell because we dismember our babies with no anesthesia and sell their body parts, among other impure evils ...being cruel to animals is a symptom of generalized evil and disdain for all that is good and HOLY.

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  • About the milking rotary, that isnt automatic, is people connecting teats by hand...

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  • Honestly you think doing this is ok hurting animals for your sweater ! They edited the part when the workers kick and abuse the poor animal . Oh but the nice music makes its so fun and enjoyable . Really ?

    Damon FletcherDamon Fletcher27 일 전
    • @Charles don't worry, I blocked the channel. I'm sure i can handle blocking a few other animals. I wish there were better ways to do this stuff though.

      Yerboi KeeevinYerboi Keeevin25 일 전
    • Yerboi Keeevin If you think so this one is mild. Wait until google starts recommending the slaughter house ones from this channel, with the same whistle while you work music. I havent eaten meat in a week. Dont subscribe.

      CharlesCharles25 일 전
    • I'm not a vegan or anything but this is messed up.

      Yerboi KeeevinYerboi Keeevin25 일 전
    • It is kind of strange the music with the industrial processing of living creatures. The videos where they are butchering animals are worse. I have noticed something interesting about these videos. More people complain about the music than the rotten treatment of the animals.

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  • There should be a better way to shear a sheep, and avoid back injuries.

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      Luis FerreiraLuis Ferreira26 일 전

      Luis FerreiraLuis Ferreira26 일 전

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  • U.s govt feeling one side unemployment but invest in manless machinaries .

    alagappans sokalingamalagappans sokalingam개월 전
    • @Texasgirl77077 ⁰000

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    • That's the goal- to replace all humans and all those buying into new technology are supporting this crap

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  • Pl u see the great u .s govt speaking unemployment rate very sincerely but giving millions of rs to automatic mnc machinaries .it is highly ridiculus and foolishness .

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  • Marx and Marxism died .hell with atomatic.

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