Incredible modern wood cutting machines I never seen. Amazing wood processing sawmill equipment

2021. 01. 12.
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Incredible modern wood cutting machines I never seen. Amazing wood processing sawmill equipment.
Uplifting Blockbuster by Rafael Krux
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  • Bet your chipper did not last long.

    Mike PrinceMike Prince4 시간 전
  • Amazing👍👍👍

    How to Make yummyHow to Make yummy7 시간 전
  • Valla martillo 🔨 de mierda que utilizas

    Rodrigo ToledoRodrigo Toledo일 전
  • In minutes it turns to dust, releasing carbon dioxide, which causes the greenhouse effect. Unfortunate! What does the Creator think of this?

    José ZardiniJosé Zardini일 전
  • Regrettable - nature takes decades to create a tree, which is cut down in minutes.

    José ZardiniJosé Zardini일 전
  • The first 8 minutes were not incredible! Such terrible workers!

    liz weissliz weiss일 전
  • Die Kette mal schärfen ,ihr dollies

    Enno SchneyerEnno Schneyer3 일 전
  • "Incredible modern woodcutting Machines I never seen", you need to get out more, nothing here that has not been in use for at least 50 years, what is amazing, is the half the operators are not dead

    pijntopijnto4 일 전
  • I can not belive wasting the wood that way. I would pay for that wood

    TheWoodcutter34TheWoodcutter344 일 전
    • I agree I am a woodturner may as well be running hundred dollar bills through chipper

      pijntopijnto4 일 전
  • Couldn't watch it. The wobble created by the camera lens made me too nauseated.

    Lorne HampelLorne Hampel4 일 전
  • Pretty much an advert for those treeloppers. Who I would never hire since they don't use PPE and don't know how to use a wood chipper properly.

    G TrainG Train5 일 전
    • Yeh! I can imagine Vermeer getting a warrantee claim and then seeing this video.

      pijntopijnto4 일 전
  • I will watch the next video.

    Cement ProjectsCement Projects6 일 전
    • אינך נעם רותם נערות לא

      דוד שבתאידוד שבתאי5 일 전
  • Wonderful

  • You are good; you have everything against injuries ... Glasses, gloves, visor, headphones and clothing

  • Ponen cuñas para ayudar la caída hacia el lado elegido. ¿Porqué no realizan el corte de la misma manera como lo hicieron el primero? Desde arriba hacia abajo , así, sirve de apoyo y evita que el peso del arbol cierre el corte y no use cuñas. Digo !!

    Hector Rolando EspinosaHector Rolando Espinosa12 일 전
  • Nigas

    Armandito KikisArmandito Kikis12 일 전
  • Waw begitu ya cara memotong pohon besar sukses selalu

    Ranaulia RanauRanaulia Ranau13 일 전
    • Loon gooda winchala magundo!

      John KellyJohn Kelly5 일 전
  • 나만 한국 살암..ㅠ

    성영성영14 일 전
    • 나두얌..

      노란단무지노란단무지13 일 전

    Kareem Mohamed MohamedKareem Mohamed Mohamed14 일 전
  • Incredible in your limited experience, maybe. Little not posted elsewhere on tube.

    jacksdvds lewisjacksdvds lewis14 일 전
  • cool

    Wonderful SkillsWonderful Skills14 일 전
  • Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    tini EddieLuigtini EddieLuig14 일 전
  • Indredible destroying machines

    RKPRKP14 일 전
  • 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    rino TomasClearino TomasClea14 일 전
    • @Pen Treujfiggyo pl

      Sunitha BandiSunitha Bandi10 일 전
    • Bien sur qu'on t'aime !!😍

      Pen TreujPen Treuj14 일 전
  • This poor machine will not last

    Sumeia AbbudSumeia Abbud14 일 전
    • Especially when their putting a gum tree of that size thought it. Gum trees are hardwoods so that must be really hard on that machine.

      John TitusJohn Titus14 일 전
  • Wow very Amazing

    Surveying Engineering Design InformationSurveying Engineering Design Information14 일 전
  • Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    ieri DovieOsvaieri DovieOsva14 일 전
  • Wow​ amazing👍👍👍

    Daily lifeDaily life14 일 전
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Мустафа ЮнусовМустафа Юнусов14 일 전
  • Un corazón por favor llegué temprano 🥺

    Samuel ContrerasSamuel Contreras14 일 전
  • Incredible modern faster wood cutting 1st comment

    G V BalajeeG V Balajee14 일 전