Incredible powerful weapons production and other amazing tools manufacturing in factory

2020. 07. 27.
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Incredible powerful weapons production and other amazing tools manufacturing in factory.
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In this video:
1. Matra Group
2. Industri Museum
3. Victorinox
4. Anglo American Tools
6. U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal
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  • the title is misleading, powerful weapons anyway it's definitely not Chinese made still good

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  • Produksi senjata ampuh yang luar biasa dan pembuatan alat luar biasa lainnya di pabrik

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  • The music choice for these videos is so RANDOM why... interesting machine stuff tho..

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  • so can i call myself now a superman? because i owned a powerful weapon in my home ready to defend from enemies... i was very fortunate to own a HAMMER....

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