Extreme satisfying melting gold process. Incredible pure gold manufacturing technology.

2020. 02. 13.
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Extreme satisfying melting gold process. Incredible pure gold manufacturing technology.

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  • it's crazy they store tons of gold in coins tagging on the walls!

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  • interesting video

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  • "This is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color, its brilliance, its divine heaviness."

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  • Wow this channel is amazing but if you like gold mining too why do not you check out a channel called ask jeff Williams. the channel has some bad videos but the rest are amazing the channel talks about gold mining geology and has some humor about some one called slim actually he is fictional for humor but the rest is real!!!!!

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  • I have a gold exploration permit in Senegal, I would like to find partners .. !!

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    • Bro I didn't get ur point say in normal english please

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  • Here after watching khal drogo pour gold on viserys. Looks like the dothraki had better tech lmao

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    • Ha, lol

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  • This was satisfying . Here is another super satisfying vid on gold production koworld.info/club/r5Vnh6jfjmnMo6I/bidio.html Thank me later :)

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  • It would be nice if they would explain what there doing. Question: do they mix 10,14,18 ct gold together?

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  • I hope this video gets 24K likes

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  • Bitcoin makes all of this obsolete GAAAAHAHA DIGITAL GOLD

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    • Crypto doesn't make this obsolete at all. I buy gold and various shitcoins as well as ETH. And will eventually buy BTC.

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  • whats the white powder they put in it? lol

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    • Borax, I think

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  • Yeah there is no way this video is showing actual gold. That's literally billions of dollars worth of gold they're showing in a factory that looks like it operates every day. If that factory operated like that making that many gold bars within days they would have processed literally trillions of dollars worth of gold. Most factories produce a few to a few dozen thousand dollars worth of stuff a day. This factory would be going through 1000x their monthly income every day

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  • Why are they pouring cocaine in the gold?

    JimselDieselJimselDiesel7 개월 전
    • They wanna be creative

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  • 6:40 looks like it was taken straight out of fallout76

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  • Some context would have been nice -- where is the factory, what are the steps taken, etc.

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    • Nice try buddy!

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  • Since the beginning of the industrialization era, there nothing special about gold melting technology

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  • The title of this should have been Extremely BORING melting melting process. WTF!!!

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  • Fun fact: Gold did not come from Earth.

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    • @SidtheKid fun fact earth isnt an earth but a planet

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    • Fact? Thought it was a theory

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    • supernova

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  • watch this while listening to terminator 2's theme lmao

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  • Where can I find artist to the song at 4:56? Sooo soothing and mellow.

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  • あ、この間落とした金の延棒ここにあったんか〜

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  • why can't I stop thinking of Breaking Bad?

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  • Funny how the company shows brown workers using their equipment to convince ghetto cultures to fawn over something they don't understand.

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