Incredible big tire repair working process. Fastest remolded tire, tubeless tire repairing technique

2020. 03. 11.
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Incredible big tires repair working process. Fastest remolded tire, tubeless tire repairing technique, Easy Regrooving a Tire, tire grooving machine.

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  • タイヤって修理するものなんだな

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    • トラック用とかの量産タイヤはよく修理する 一般の自動車のは廃棄するね

      ああああ20 일 전
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  • Here, the craftsman takes extra care when trimming the new recap so that it will look good lying in the middle of the lane on the interstate...

    Roger RamjetRoger Ramjet2 개월 전
  • Guys he took the video from another channel search $45000 giant fixing tire

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  • こうゆうタイヤ修理って一般の車じゃなくて、飛行機とかレースカーとかのめちゃくちゃ負荷のかかるやつなのかな?

    ニッケル酸イッテルビウムニッケル酸イッテルビウム4 개월 전
    • 大型トラックじゃないですかね? レースは修復したタイヤ何か使ったら勝てませんし 飛行機も修復したタイヤ使って事故起きた事があったと思います

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  • at 1:50 can anyone tell me what rubber filler that is and where I can buy it?

    Corey RolleyCorey Rolley6 개월 전
  • This type of tires cause serious road accident after tire blast

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  • Very nic music & tire repair very very nic ji Amazing technology machine

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  • Not exactly. Its cool but not something incredible. Same as repairing a bicycle tire only difference that here you do the outside separately and take the time to not just simply repair the tire but restore it to what it was before. But repairing is something you can do on the side of the road on a car tire. I have a 12v compressor, electric torque wrench and a tire repair kit in my car cause I want to leave the spare tire for some real emergency. I can easily repair all 4 tires on the side of the road. If only one tire is damaged it is easily done around half an hour, maybe an hour at max.

    NeXuSNeXuS6 개월 전
  • How to Die with a piece of shit tire

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  • A guy wears a polo shirt and slacks to work on tire repair? Lol ok

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  • Or you could just not carve giant holes in your tyre.

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  • Every one of those tire that was repaired end up somewhere in the freeway

    crazysaiyan gokucrazysaiyan goku6 개월 전
  • Did not know those pre made knicks in the Tires were a guide to refurbish them later 😳

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  • They destroy tires to fix small holes What the fuck

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  • RE Treads and Rebuilds.. you see parts of them all over the highways. That Bolt hole should have been A Road Hazard Claim Adjustment..

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  • Oh look, is the new Flex Seal Industrial!!!

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    • William Hannay , just found something interesting. do you know what is that machine at 5:35 ? quite want to know if i can do some engraving with that .

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  • I think he just using flexs seal instead

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  • Muted

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  • Soo.. basically in order to fix a little hole, you need to make a bigger hole? Intresting... most intresting indeed

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  • If you’re slightly nuts as I am in a certain way, you could appreciate the music.

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  • How to fix a hole in a tire Make an even bigger one

    Arjun KhobragadeArjun Khobragade6 개월 전
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