I was SHOCKED when see this salmon egg harvesting methods. Amazing fish egg fertilization technology

2020. 09. 14.
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I was SHOCKED when see this salmon egg harvesting methods. Amazing fish egg fertilization technology.
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  • God is watching you ☹️😞😞

    Darshna PatelDarshna Patel2 일 전
  • All that wasted meat in the filled process is pretty disappointing. Hopefully they shred it up and use it for dog food at the very least

    fresh thenicsfresh thenics3 일 전
  • I w also shock

    khusi pradhankhusi pradhan3 일 전
  • Como siempre el hombre el más animal

    Esmeralda Silva ValverdeEsmeralda Silva Valverde3 일 전
  • مانويج

    جبار المياحيجبار المياحي5 일 전
  • ماويج

    جبار المياحيجبار المياحي5 일 전
  • جميل رائع ولا اروع

    daoudi daoudidaoudi daoudi12 일 전
  • I’m crying for the fish that had being cut

    talya mackaytalya mackay13 일 전
    • Dude how are you crying, every fish needs to be cut

      Huy NguyenHuy Nguyen12 일 전
  • Why

    talya mackaytalya mackay13 일 전
  • I hope you don’t hurt the fish🙁

    talya mackaytalya mackay13 일 전
  • Farm raised....no like this

    Amardeep MamanAmardeep Maman14 일 전
  • Awesome

  • This reminds me of WOCKY SLUSH

    TwinzgamezTwinzgamez17 일 전
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    Sureka DarshaniSureka Darshani18 일 전
  • The music is god awful!!

    Dig BudkissDig Budkiss20 일 전
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    اميرة باخلاقاميرة باخلاق20 일 전
  • Orange Boba 👁️👅👁️

    kahweng_ 119kahweng_ 11920 일 전
  • Omfg 😱

    Green H.M K-popGreen H.M K-pop20 일 전
  • mending dimakan beruang kan mon?

    diana kholidahdiana kholidah21 일 전
  • killing a mamma fish for babies and fish meat .. i am sorry mother fish ... 😭

    Vijay R.Vijay R.21 일 전
  • 헐..

    Day GoodDay Good22 일 전
  • Painful...... 😫😫😫

    Jess AtreidesJess Atreides22 일 전
    • @Denzil Menezes no it is delightful 🤩🤩

      DudeDude20 일 전
    • Yes it is so painful

      Denzil MenezesDenzil Menezes20 일 전
    • And eating is delightful 🤩🤩

      DudeDude21 일 전
  • 지구상에서 인간이 제일 무섭다 !!!! 잔인해

    콜라콜라22 일 전
    • 왜쳐먹냐

      cheat -cheat -22 일 전
  • koworld.info/club/pqqJqMfSwGnXqng/bidio.html

  • People complaining about this video and even describes it as horrifying but still enjoy dairy and poultry production are hypocrites.

    Rhon EpinoRhon Epino23 일 전
  • Bad human tsk tsk

    princess leaprincess lea23 일 전
  • Can you explain to me why at 10.18 the tailfin is cut off and in 10.50 it is still on?? Maybe a mistake in the editing?

    amersfoortsefotograaamersfoortsefotograa23 일 전
  • Mlakes me angry to see human cruelty on animals...

    jen monamijen monami23 일 전
  • Где же икра которая лежала на прилавках в рыбных отделах эмалированных лотках в 65_67 году в Ленинграде

    Светлана ЛифарьСветлана Лифарь23 일 전
  • I love being a human being, the greatest joy comes from opening up a pregnant mother to kill, and then to take her babies... and watch them die too. I love our species...

    Russell ParkerRussell Parker24 일 전
  • Gusta quienes eso

    juan sena piaggiojuan sena piaggio24 일 전
  • I think the animals that inhabited the world before man came to this world must have lived very happily. The sad fact is that man, who claims to be so intelligent, is unable to comprehend a very simple fact, that all living beings in this world have the same rights as everything else in the world, including their own lives, and that they existed before man was born, and that they all have rights after birth. Violating the rights of other living beings and pretending to be the only true heir of the world and disrespecting the very name of man and acting in a very lowly stupid and selfish manner.

    Thanusha EshwarageThanusha Eshwarage24 일 전
  • I'm a meat eat so yes a hypocrite, but humans can be so cruel at times. Don't like seeing this

    Ben MallinsonBen Mallinson24 일 전

    Maida FazaMaida Faza24 일 전
  • X: what do you do for living? Y: make cum fish... Literally

    Pai MeiPai Mei24 일 전
  • Honey had fish yes

    dicky kabulakabaledicky kabulakabale24 일 전
  • Nice

    BabulrayfishbdBabulrayfishbd24 일 전
  • Idk why y’all are mad because 1 fish can’t feel pain and 2 they’re helping fish population by getting new eggs so there can be more fish

    Mochii BeeMochii Bee24 일 전
    • @Tashika Tomlin mochii dead ass thinks they take the eggs out and then shoot sperm in them

      ImmercenaryImmercenary22 일 전
    • The fish can breed on its own

      Tashika TomlinTashika Tomlin22 일 전
    • BrUh ThEy EaT tHe EgGs

      ImmercenaryImmercenary22 일 전
  • When your knife needs to be sharpened....😂😂😂

    AquaLeo69 OMMAquaLeo69 OMM24 일 전
  • If I were a salmon, I would rather take my chances on a wild stream with bear and eagles.

    Joe BlackJoe Black24 일 전
    • @V Joe i am a veg eater and this is pratically the same as the wild way as they only spawn once and they will die ,and they are already dead before cutting their bellys open but god damn it is disgusting (for the cods they spawn multiple times so thats why they dont kill them)

    • Luckily fish don't really feel pain (which is why some vegans in the world eat fish) but getting cut open would still be a horrible way to go compared to getting eaten by a bear or losing oxygen on land.

      V JoeV Joe19 일 전
    • @Dig Budkiss To have your belly cut open and your bags mashed does not fit into the realm of breeding or mating. It is more like industrial fertilization.

      Joe BlackJoe Black20 일 전
    • Like they have a choice... they’re breed in captivity.

      Dig BudkissDig Budkiss20 일 전
  • ...couldn’t finish the video. The canned music was starting to annoy me

    It's TedIt's Ted25 일 전
  • Nice

    vishu guptavishu gupta25 일 전
  • stupid ass commercials utube has

    De.VilleDe.Ville25 일 전
  • 7:00 is better farming method

    Omar KaddahOmar Kaddah25 일 전
  • Wow, what is the sultan's food

    user Batanguser Batang25 일 전
  • Feeling jealous by seeing the technology 🌸🌸🌸🌸

    Mahalakshmi achariMahalakshmi achari25 일 전
  • Nemo left the chat

    Sana ShafiqSana Shafiq25 일 전
  • Thanks for sharing the video, excellent work.

    Fish & Fishing LifeFish & Fishing Life25 일 전
  • Oh it gets worse they lay them on their back and stab it to death from the inside...sickening

    Erin CoughlinErin Coughlin25 일 전
    • In the wild , they just get digested by Acid, Alive.

      Doc VaderDoc Vader25 일 전
  • Or you could just let them breed the way they are supposed and so you are not murdering them...so sickening how they just toss the female after cutting it open....what is the point of this? Can someone educate me...I’ll probably still find it pointless but maybe I’m wrong

    Erin CoughlinErin Coughlin25 일 전
  • im shocked cos it sky

    julian chadwickjulian chadwick25 일 전
  • That was actually quite fucking horrible to look at.

    AndyAndy25 일 전
  • روعه 🥰🥰

    ضوء الشمسضوء الشمس26 일 전
  • Super

    Aadiwasi Star officialAadiwasi Star official26 일 전
  • Animals was same as humans, we will feel the same pain if we are the fish

    See Kok EngSee Kok Eng26 일 전
    • Why don't

      Prachi BhaskarPrachi Bhaskar25 일 전
    • I know but if we don't kill animals then what are we eating? Not all of us can eat pure vegetables, you need to be open minded for this kind of things.

      fuck quarantinefuck quarantine25 일 전
    • no we dont. its literally proven. only animals like zombies octopus really feel pain and they atleast kill them in a civilized manner

      joe ierojoe iero25 일 전
  • Why they just kill the female fish just for there eggs!? Those female fish will feels very pain

    See Kok EngSee Kok Eng26 일 전
    • wow disney has really raised a new generation of kids that really cant wrap their heads around the circle of life

      joe ierojoe iero25 일 전
    • The pacific salmon die after they lay there eggs only do it once in there life I believe it’s around 7 years old. There just speeding up the natural process by a month and getting to keep the meat.

      Bartfdeubcv BuuexvioBartfdeubcv Buuexvio25 일 전
  • 🙊

    Shamil RasheedShamil Rasheed26 일 전
  • Poor fish 😭

    IRIS ChannelIRIS Channel26 일 전
  • so stupid idiot morron music , and I love fish , so in love with fish I could eat every day 😁😄 vegan go eat banana, 🙉 🍌🍌 don't watch this not for you 🙈

    AntoninOldies1AntoninOldies126 일 전
  • Why some comments are so over reacting LOL😁😂😂, . Definitely the video shows what the caviar be processed ,nothing more nothing less, its not about the cruelty towards those fishes. It' s about facing the truth just like what youve done always these days , eating ham. How could you imagine slaying those piggies just for you to be fulled. So it's not far from this video ,there is no difference between Caviar and ham.

    Richard LawsonRichard Lawson26 일 전
  • I call it fish abortion. They're killed for their eggs, you can harvest caviar while their alive and not killing them, they're the caviar producers. Nothing is difference from killing rhinos and elephants 🐘 just for their horns and ivory 🙄😣😏😩😫💔

    Tommy CorderoTommy Cordero26 일 전
  • 노르웨이 같네요

    가마솥 TV가마솥 TV26 일 전
  • For you horrified watchers, salmon spawn one time in their life and die immediately after. Catching them before they spawn and not only using the eggs for hatching to replenish fish stocks, but also putting the fish that would die and rot to good use is a GOOD thing..

    Michael MacGeorgeMichael MacGeorge26 일 전
    • @3darkn1t Yes they do.

      Michael MacGeorgeMichael MacGeorge24 일 전
    • @Michael MacGeorge Use the fish for food

      3darkn1t3darkn1t24 일 전
    • @3darkn1t Do what now?

      Michael MacGeorgeMichael MacGeorge24 일 전
    • I'm just curious as to whether they actually do that with the fish because it'll be such a massive waste.

      3darkn1t3darkn1t24 일 전
    • Oh thank God there's a sensible comment here.

      Theo ThorneTheo Thorne25 일 전
  • Wtf

    Akhil kumarAkhil kumar27 일 전
  • Communists and festive music

    SamsgardenSamsgarden27 일 전
  • balık lar doğmadan ölüyorlar vaybee

    hadim nadimhadim nadim27 일 전
  • Joop , ich bin auch schockiert nur wegen den Fischeiern . Und wo ist nun Gott der mal sagen würde , last den Fischen doch mal 5 Jahre Zeit , damit sich alle Fische , die die Menschen Ausbeuten , wieder wachsen können ! In 50 Jahren gibt es keinen Fisch mehr und ich bin dann schon Tod . Gott sei dank .

    Jan WeisnichtJan Weisnicht27 일 전
  • Pobres peces, porque son tan crueles

    Sebastian Martin Ramos CrocceSebastian Martin Ramos Crocce28 일 전
  • Waw

    Purab MeenaPurab Meena28 일 전
  • Goood

    FSC FishingFSC Fishing28 일 전
  • 대 단 한 알고리즘

    장PD장PD28 일 전
  • Just cruel, the fact that people take the right to decide between life and death. And that's only because there are people - who need meat, milk and other animal products to live. The builders of such murderous machines, to hell with you. Every animal on this planet has a right to life! I would not murder animals for any money in the world. And so more than 180 billion animals are murdered in the most gruesome way worldwide and every year and the number is increasing every year.

    halima1968halima196828 일 전
    • fish are animals, god put the animals down so we could eat them. in this video they’re not making the process brutal. i think you’re getting mixed up with use and abuse

      joe ierojoe iero24 일 전
    • At least you may strong oppose abortion too.

      JoãoJoão26 일 전
    • @R hey hey how dare u...use your brain those fishes were already half dead😒😒

      Candy gamer vlogsCandy gamer vlogs27 일 전
    • But animals kill eachother too, we are just smarter (maybe not you though.)

      RR27 일 전
    • excuse me the salmon was half way already dead and then they decided to take her eggs and hatch it as their job stop writing useless things without know...

      Candy gamer vlogsCandy gamer vlogs28 일 전

    Nezaket SaçuNezaket Saçu28 일 전
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  • Any malayalees here 😝

    Afna afnaAfna afna28 일 전
  • Entra cuchillo, salen las tripas

    Daniel CuapantecatlDaniel Cuapantecatl28 일 전

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  • Why am I watching this...

    Dark MetalDark Metal28 일 전
    • Idk

      Ary RespectorAry Respector17 일 전
    • Idk

      Lisa SinnwellLisa Sinnwell18 일 전
  • koworld.info/tools/FwvO1XSoPteZW7oojoffZg

    пгт курагинопгт курагино28 일 전
  • Sharpen that knife!

    TesticulesTesticules28 일 전
  • 4:55 had me like 😬

    Reyaashri SureshReyaashri Suresh29 일 전
  • Kill one,save thousands😂

    Taman HajiTaman Haji29 일 전
  • Humans has no humanity

    raamraam29 일 전
  • Das ist doch nichts Neues.was dachtet ihr denn wo der Caviar herkommt, oder die neue zuchtlachse

    OberonOberon29 일 전
  • They make a good omlette.

    rubiks6rubiks629 일 전
  • Wow wonderful

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  • #fuad kemisse you tube like

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    • #fuad_kemisse you tube

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  • This is so fucked up in many ways

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez29 일 전
  • Why can’t caviar be processed with live fish

    Ryan BennettRyan Bennett29 일 전
  • Now I'm absolutely certain why I don't like eating fish

    BrandoBrando29 일 전
  • 6:05 Fish egg Bukkake

    J DJ D29 일 전
  • 😖😖😖😖😖

    Ashok SagarAshok Sagar개월 전
  • Un video schifoso 🤢

    AlexAlex개월 전
  • They did this because celmon fish died after give egg

    Tech - SupportTech - Support개월 전
  • ㅠㅠ

    초린초린개월 전
  • I feel there pain.

    Loreta BellezaLoreta Belleza개월 전
  • C'est vraiment mais vraiment terrifiant de voir ça ! Ils devraient même marquer l'âge sur la vidéo, ...enlever des oeufs à la mère ça me donne mal au coeur.

    Colette WahbaColette Wahba개월 전
  • 最初の素人がやってるみたい。 金子さんならあっという間に 卵取ってる。

    ken kariken kari개월 전
    • Je siegsxles

      Mbaye DiengMbaye Dieng29 일 전
    • Jsocxlunpeuplusdenouvellesjudodevotretéléphone

      Mbaye DiengMbaye Dieng29 일 전
  • aftet watching this... im prefer human work,

    My PurpleLove_My PurpleLove_개월 전
    • @Michael MacGeorge No 😭 i mean.. filleting fish with human work not machine

      My PurpleLove_My PurpleLove_26 일 전
    • Filleting humans?

      Michael MacGeorgeMichael MacGeorge26 일 전

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