Incredible modern cow farming transport methods. Amazing giant cow processing beef cutting machines

2020. 12. 25.
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Incredible modern cow farming transport methods. Amazing giant cow processing beef cutting machines.
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1. Geertruidenberg in beeld
2. Zinpro Corporation
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  • “*No cows were left alive in the making of this video”

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  • amazing, it's really amazing to see a farm overseas

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  • very nice! can't wait to see them again tomorrow in McDonalds

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  • There has to be a good service which you just stick on the hoof be it maintains the hoof automatically.

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  • Wanted see the big cow. Not kill them

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  • Con tres toros como los de la portada cargan el barco

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  • You need to update your music soundtrack, its boring and contributes nothing to the quality of the video. I now look at these videos with the sound OFF just avoid the irritating, mindless repetitive looping music.

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