Most amazing modern manufacturing process technology. Excellent processing factory machines

2020. 05. 21.
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Most amazing modern manufacturing process technology. Excellent processing factory machines.

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  • Music destroyed another video ....

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  • why the stupid music cant watch it

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  • Get Rid Of The Stupid Music It doesn't make our viewing experience any better than if having got to hear the actual sounds of the machinery, tools, processes, etc!

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  • Too many ads. Can't make it though the whole thing.

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  • This is the so called spitzpointindustry, the industry making use of advanced computertechnological experiences, like also to work there somehow and I did at the Greenery and Bar - le - Duc, the Netherlands

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert21 일 전
  • Amazing industrial production . The jobs created keep food on the table and home under foot. God Bless the USA.

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  • Sir James Watt would be astounded!

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  • What are those blue things? I want one!

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  • That was a perfect roll of paper.... why are they turning it into pulp??

    David NgDavid Ng개월 전
    • There must have been something wrong... Some paper is made to fill an order. If it isn't exactly the right color or the correct weight, - for example - it can be perfectly good paper, but it's not going to satisfy the customer. So they destroy it. Better than letting it sit around in the warehouse forever, waiting for someone who wants exactly THAT kind of paper... But *my* beef is that they even bothered to show this machine. The paper mill where I worked over 40 years ago, already had such a device, so there's nothing new or unexpected about it.

      Bobo SimsBobo Sims21 일 전
  • your vids would be great if we knew what was being made

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  • very nice

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  • Vamos divulgar pessoal a Brasil paralelo continuar divulgando

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  • might be better to add a bit of explanation/details...

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  • Very good tecnology

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  • Subhan Allah , look at humans , they are so smart and great yet , so weak and ignorant compared to who gave them a mind to think and a great body to work , Glory to god the best creator !!!! ♥♥

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  • The "Music" is ANNOYING !

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  • Wasted 11 minutes and 21 seconds of my life waiting for the yellow thing and it never showed up.... thumbs down for you!

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  • Why are they guillotining paper and putting it in a skip tank of liquid?

    Robert PowellRobert Powell2 개월 전
    • To make new paper. Paper is not made by wood anymore but off old collected paper in the Netherlands for example, kind regards.

      Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert21 일 전
  • Never ever will I have anything like these fitted to my car. I value my life and that of anyone who travels in my car much more than these death traps!!!!!

    Clive ChestonClive Cheston2 개월 전
  • Sehr gute Maschinen.

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  • These machine’s always fascinate me but the people that manufacture these machines must be brilliant👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • 2:12 Бендер существует

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  • Would really like to know what I am looking at!

    Canoe LewCanoe Lew3 개월 전
    • Yeah, that's my feeling as well. I don't give a crap about seeing stuff that I don't know what it is, or what's going on. Letsomeone open their pie-hole and explain it, goddammit!

      Bobo SimsBobo Sims21 일 전
  • So, machine at 2:42 cuts a ton of perfectly clean white paper and then throws it into grey liquid... And machine before that successfully reduces the weight of steel plate by 3/4, creating a lot of waste...

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  • great

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  • Amazing technology

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  • Just only with music video doesn't go to peak... U may at least say the names of the things were used🤷

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  • some reason i found this very frustrationg to watch, is it because of music and so up close video I barely able to see it nicely

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  • So many pollution made by this and so many people lost their lives and works

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  • too bad they can't make a machine that plays better music..

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    • Mike 1614b, The more I listen to the music, the more I like it! This video is extremely educational! There is no end to the things that people can do! They make it all look so easy! When I say things, I mean good and positive things.

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  • Fascinating machinery, it’s come a long way since the 1960s

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  • 그래서 썸네일은 어디감?

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