Incredible modern cow & sheep processing technology. Amazing automatic cow milking harvest factory

2021. 01. 11.
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Incredible modern cow & sheep processing technology. Amazing automatic cow milking harvest factory.

  • Daha dikkatli calisamadimi

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  • Şu tirnak kesici gosteriş icin zavallı haycanin canini yakti

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  • المسؤولين من تحت والشعب من الفوق كل واحد يدي حقوا متتقلقوش؟

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  • Nice video very very good video

    জীবন সাথী বি এসজীবন সাথী বি এস일 전
  • Please stop this

    Renuka JayarathnaRenuka Jayarathna2 일 전
  • 3:56 = the cows are coming and going in line wise manners like we were taught in schools 😂😂

    Mohammad HamzaMohammad Hamza5 일 전
  • Sir first your all of them treat the animals like a living being sir

  • كل بقرة فى الطابور هههههه وعارفة مكانها وزمان فى المدرسة كنا مش مرتبين فى الطابور ونتخانق سوال هههه مين احسن البهائم ولا الطلاب

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  • The cows are automatically lining up , cool

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  • That's the way animals are being tortured

    Nishanth MarumakaNishanth Marumaka7 일 전
  • Bad

    free fire gameing a. b kandrikafree fire gameing a. b kandrika7 일 전
  • Let's make the world free from islam

    Apex HunterApex Hunter7 일 전
  • The inner voice of these animals- God just give us super power for one day. We will make these humans to pay back for what they have did all these decades.

    jyothsna tarakjyothsna tarak8 일 전
  • मूझे एक cow मीलेगीकय

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  • Ilaga palu vasthayi baboy naku palu na chatledhu

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  • Shame on u..... technology....tum sb ko latkana chahiye ese....bkwassss

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  • 8AM

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  • Incredible how inhuman this is but still u are doing it and heck posting a video of it

    nigs 1nigs 18 일 전
  • People are evolving, but backwards... 🙄

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  • Who is going to be report this vedio like me

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    • H

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  • ماشاءالله تبارك الرحمن بالتوفيق والنجاح للجميع إن شاء الله

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  • Nice

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  • Very bad

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  • i don't like it

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  • Very sad 😢

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  • गायीला कापता गाय देव असते लक्षात ठेवा तुम्हाला पाप लागेल

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    • @Gajanan Patil gaay ka maas kata hota to mai bhi aapatti karta aap ki tarah 😓😭

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    • @Løst x Hyperoh i am sorry muze laga ki o gay ka मांस tha.....

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    • @Gajanan Patil Bhai woh bhed sheep ka hai

      Løst x HyperLøst x Hyper7 일 전
    • @Løst x Hyper to phir isa video mai मांस kaise dikha

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    • @Gajanan Patil ye bhi nhi kaatte hai bhai doodh banate he or isi process se hi banate hai

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  • Wat if animals do human like this for milk?? 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

    Galvin LeviGalvin Levi8 일 전
    • @Galvin Levi ni poda

    • Ithe eathe basha

    • @EN GAMING pongada dei, vantainga. Unaku nadantha theriyum

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    • Onnu poda ni eathe

  • Evryone dislike this!

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  • World's worst quality milk. No. Quality milk is present in this technology...

    Garden fileGarden file8 일 전
  • Do anyone have invented a kind of machine that can be used to give punishment for sexual abusers?

    Sadhu BSadhu B8 일 전
    • sai

      Rowdy PoshettyRowdy Poshetty8 일 전
  • 😂

    Saliha_gençSaliha_genç8 일 전
  • This is extreme cruelty

    Ashna ManojAshna Manoj8 일 전
  • Cow 😱😰

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  • 𝓦𝓮 𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓼 𝓽𝓸𝓹 𝓶𝓮 𝓭𝓪𝓱 𝓐𝓶𝓫𝓲𝓵𝓲𝓫𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮 𝓼𝓲𝓽𝓮𝓼

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  • They are harming the beautiful animals which are not able to spoke

    Sayyam GhazianiSayyam Ghaziani8 일 전
  • Is this incredible??😥😫

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    • 😂 to ooo

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  • Omg... Plz stop this

    Jyoti BarikJyoti Barik8 일 전
  • If we stop using dairy products then they can not harm these animal

    soul upgradationsoul upgradation8 일 전
  • I hate technology so students stop studying because indirectly studies are responsible for this

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  • Zalim log

    Pari SharmaPari Sharma8 일 전
  • It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

    Phoenix Tech HDPhoenix Tech HD8 일 전
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  • This is too long for cows you are traveling them very bad if you very in that position how would you feel 😡😠🤬😤😤😤

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  • Shame on you it's more vulgar then a porn movie you have respect for neither human nor animal 👊

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  • केशव डोलारे

    केशव डोलारेकेशव डोलारे9 일 전
  • This is banned 😡 against ethics

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  • I hate this 😡 never ever do this one day same will happen to you

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    • Yah!!! Same

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  • This is not modern technology this very poor technology no need of this type technology how dare you to treat cows like this this very disgraced full technology . These are animal give them there space . I just hate this channel and its contents.

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  • अबे क्या कर रहा है

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  • Oh dangerous

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  • Wtffffff is that thumbnail

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  • Before watching video ,I read comments,, and I decided to not see,, this video.

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  • Bloody corporate Mafia

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  • Agar India me tum hote to jàan se marde dete apko

    • India me cream aur dairy chocolate kese banti hain?

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    • Bhai amul mai aise hi doodh banta hai or maarne wali kya baat hai

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  • Are you stupid why are you doing like this if you use technology to cows and buffaloes and I will give you a bad comments

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  • ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن

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  • They are so cute with their little feet trying to kick

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