Amazing modern pork beef sheep processing technology. Incredible automatic goat milking factory

2020. 11. 01.
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Amazing modern pork beef sheep processing technology. Incredible automatic goat milking factory.
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  • Thanks for this video it was so nice to see this cows to give us all of there milk and how you all work and the new machine that have come along way not like I had to do it by hand when I was a young girl well done 👍

    Norma JacksonNorma Jackson2 일 전
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    Marco CentenoMarco Centeno7 일 전
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    Турдугул АбдилатоваТурдугул Абдилатова8 일 전
  • India

    my onlinemy online8 일 전
  • Please give the freedom for the Innocent animals. Animals love to freedom like us. The corona virus is punishing us for these works already. Please stop these bad works. 😠😠😠😠😠

    Siyumi RuvishaniSiyumi Ruvishani8 일 전
  • شرفوني ع قناتي

    منوعاتمنوعات9 일 전
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    Yandry Bernardo MantuanoYandry Bernardo Mantuano9 일 전
  • I just wanted to watch a movie.. how am I to know

    Jesus MendozaJesus Mendoza10 일 전
    • Que dices wey?

      Americanista De TepitoAmericanista De Tepito8 일 전
  • ALLAH Təbarəktə və təala donuzu haram buyurdu.

    Babek MalikBabek Malik10 일 전
  • أحسنتم صنعآ

    حيدر عباسحيدر عباس11 일 전
  • 哈哈哈,这些猪又几多梦想嘛!

    min2522 wumin2522 wu11 일 전
  • When u make it this the same blender in pig or another machine

    Aila MangigingAila Mangiging11 일 전
  • Que inteligencia tienen las vacas 👍🏻

    Estefany DuranEstefany Duran11 일 전
  • Fleisch, JA👍😉

    Lothar MeyerLothar Meyer11 일 전
  • great

    Jackman LeoJackman Leo12 일 전
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    よはねぇ兄貴よはねぇ兄貴12 일 전
  • I need this in my country

    Albano NhassengoAlbano Nhassengo14 일 전
  • It's not technology. IT'S START OF NATURAL ACCIDENTS.

    3S Tune3S Tune16 일 전
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  • Đàn heo tuyệt vời

    Hang NguyenHang Nguyen22 일 전
  • Animals when grow in natural habitats are healthy.

    Reena NeemkarReena Neemkar23 일 전
    • People who eat rather than starve, are alive...

      Nigel 900Nigel 90021 일 전
  • So amazing

    Teme tubTeme tub27 일 전
  • Himanshu dada sone ki sidi. Khale.:- grima.

    bhavna Joshibhavna Joshi27 일 전
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    Jawad AlshakarchiJawad Alshakarchi27 일 전
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  • Its completely against to nature ......Never leave karma

    kavithakavitha27 일 전
  • c'est trop drôle

    Gabriel ThilGabriel Thil28 일 전
  • c'est trop drôle

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    معاويه الراشديمعاويه الراشدي29 일 전

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  • Oh Open its #dhawanrajawat

    Gupta AjenciyGupta Ajenciy개월 전
  • For meat and milk The men have different attitude

    Geo Education GroupGeo Education Group개월 전
  • Animals are the slaves of men according to this video

    Geo Education GroupGeo Education Group개월 전
    • If this is the "best way" to treat Pigs we want to eat, humans/ men should be ashamed!

      Christiane MaschajechiChristiane Maschajechi29 일 전
  • Niec video

    Palwinder KaurPalwinder Kaur개월 전
  • Amazing!

    Arjake VillaArjake Villa개월 전
    • No

      Queen MelissaQueen Melissa13 일 전
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      Christiane MaschajechiChristiane Maschajechi29 일 전
  • Pigs tails chopped off.

    Caroline AsshetonCaroline Assheton개월 전
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    Nadaan ParindaNadaan Parinda개월 전
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    طه عفيفيطه عفيفي개월 전
  • How bad business! Dont indulge in such businesses of harming animals and cretures! It is bane!

    Cute Twin BabiesCute Twin Babies개월 전
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    Kristina AnticKristina Antic개월 전
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  • Témoignage d'un portefeuille qui vomi déjà l'argent 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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  • Really annoying music on this video. This is just savagery. It's a pity that the owners, workers, consumers of these defenceless creatures are not forced to live in cages, and in concentration camps like this video, and get a taste of their own medicine.

    Majella FurlongMajella Furlong개월 전
  • Amazing!!

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  • The thumbnail tho. I never knew milk came from their asses

    Jack FrostJack Frost개월 전
    • Yeah That's where chocolate milk comes from 😎🤢😂

      Rick WarndahlRick Warndahl15 일 전
    • Same

      Queen MelissaQueen Melissa21 일 전
    • lol i thought the same...clearly a click bait

      Ducci KhanDucci Khan27 일 전
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      Lahiru DeshappriyaLahiru Deshappriya개월 전
  • Remove that funny background music and just replace with a horror music which suits this video more. Its is so cruel industry and inhuman and you have put 'Amazing'!!

    Aps DhirAps Dhir개월 전
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      خليل الحسنخليل الحسن개월 전
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  • i am from Ethiopia i wish like this technology my home this company why not branch Ethiopia to i love farm but i am poor i can't afford build Ethiopia

    Yilma SisayYilma Sisay개월 전
  • Disgusting, cruelty. This is not farming, just cruel and inhumane.

    Quirky CatQuirky Cat개월 전
    • Can't help... need to drink milk.. I like it.

      Mithun DasMithun Das개월 전
  • Very bad video

    Ghanshyam PaliwalGhanshyam Paliwal개월 전
  • Pork is haraam. Not good for health

    Ahsas FayzalAhsas Fayzal개월 전
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    Mukesh ZalaMukesh Zala개월 전
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    Ganiou AliGaniou Ali개월 전
  • bull shet

    piotr rojewskipiotr rojewski개월 전
  • nice movie. why yoy not public how THEY KILL THE ANNIMALS

    piotr rojewskipiotr rojewski개월 전
  • الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام فرق بين الأبقار والخنازير

    noor Ahmednoor Ahmed개월 전
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      khaled la vidakhaled la vida27 일 전
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    • Humm🤣🤣🇵🇸🐷🇵🇸🐷

      Pat MartinPat Martin개월 전
  • I dont undrstnd why humans have no heart how can they kill any innocent animal only for stomach Feeling very bad to see this video

    Rajput Monika KatochRajput Monika Katoch개월 전
  • Yrr kuch to sharm karo ....we have a lot of things to eat ....i don't understand why are you doing this unfair with these toungless animals.....

    Tarun DawasTarun Dawas개월 전
  • Good

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    Priyangika Nimali JayawardanaPriyangika Nimali Jayawardana개월 전
  • don't you people have some shame. how can be the process of Killing animals is amazing. Shame.

    tushar tyagitushar tyagi개월 전
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    Satish PalSatish Pal개월 전
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  • Modern technology make easy for farmer very interesting.

    ME&My WAME&My WA개월 전
  • shame for growing this

    Muhammad WaqarMuhammad Waqar개월 전
  • Avanungalukku corona vanthu kalavathi aga

    Thilagavathi .kThilagavathi .k개월 전
  • Evanungalam manusha jemamey illai

    Thilagavathi .kThilagavathi .k개월 전
  • Tum bevkuf ho bahut gandi bill kar rahe ho

    dayal shivdayal shiv개월 전
  • இது எப்படி தெரியுமா இருக்கு ? நாமளே " பாலும் தேனும் " கொடுத்து வளர்த்தி பிறகு நாமே " திருமணம் " செய்து கொண்டால் எப்படி ஒரு வடி கட்டின முட்டாள் தனமாக இருக்குமோ அதை விட கோடுரமாக இருக்கிறது , போங்கடா போய் திருந்தி அடுத்த " ஜென்மத்திலாவது " மனிதர்களா பிறக்க முயற்ச்சி செய்யுங்கள் ! ! !

    இதுவும் கடக்கும் ! எதுவும் சில காலம் !இதுவும் கடக்கும் ! எதுவும் சில காலம் !개월 전
  • Mansh khane walo madicine khao l gaay ko bhi machine bana diya 😢😡😠😈

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  • Well i wont say....... 1:35

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  • Sad humans are devils,fake bible says you can eat animals

    Biju NairBiju Nair개월 전
  • worst human nature😡😡😡😡

    akk 99akk 99개월 전
  • Human shame!!

    Binay NayakBinay Nayak개월 전

    Muhammad FaryadMuhammad Faryad개월 전
  • Naseeb 👍😜

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