Incredible giant factory machines installation by AMAZING construction technology & ingenious worker

2020. 11. 21.
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Incredible giant factory machines installation by AMAZING construction technology & ingenious worker.
Tivinize by Sascha Ende
Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod
Uplifting Blockbuster by Rafael Krux
Success Of The Whole Team by WinnieTheMoog
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  • Environmentally friendly my backside the cost in making the steel and the cement is astronomical and the life of the turbine

    Peter ChesterPeter Chester5 일 전
    • Somebody gets it, anybody else, times running out

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  • I like how the music changes from like epic style into toddler mode :D

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  • Wow amazing construction

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  • Amazing.

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  • Your tax dollars at work. Overpriced and inefficient. Let's develop the technology before plowing more money into wind energy. Let's make the expenditure worth it when the technology catches up with our dreams. Misspent dollars do not increase our likelihood of attaining that Clean Energy we all so dearly desire.

    cjpreachcjpreach17 일 전
    • Somebody gets it, anybody else, times running out

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  • can you spot the UFO at 6:10?

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    • UFO always monitors the construction of such objects

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  • What a waste of money and time ! In the next 30 years and using every productive wind sight in the USA and after trillions of $ it will only make a 2.7 % difference in the offset of carbon..even though this is not a significant difference and the cost and environmental damage is far greater by putting up these monstrosities they continue to tell us we are saving the planet buy using them 🤔 cant u see everything our gov tell us is an illusion? For the love of God people ,wake up and do a little research..this is one of many things presented in the grand illusion..just look at the material used to build one of these monstrosities lol..and the amount of energy used just to build one ...that wind mill would have to turn for 20 years just to make up for the pollutants put in the air for it to be made and erected ...its crazy how idiots just believe what they are told buy some study funded by the very people that are building the product and the gov issues these studys as fact and we all say how great this will be when the whole idea in general totally defeats logic or common sense. Next they will tell us we have to create a wind machine to power the wind mills to save the earth 🌎 😀 and every dumb ass will gladly take the word of their corrupt and incompetent gov ...lets burn down the village to save it ! Idiots will destroy the earth for some change in their pocket and you will believe them when they say they are saving the earth because you are stupid !

    Mike WaskoMike Wasko28 일 전
    • Somebody gets it, anybody else, times running out

      dumbo390dumbo3909 시간 전
    • @Peter Chester 😷 yep ,mabe we can just simply put big mask on the end of every smoke stack since mask work so well 🤣

      Mike WaskoMike Wasko5 일 전
    • Mike Wasko the big con job on the greens thinking this is going to save the planet ..WERE ALL DOOMED I TELL YOU

      Peter ChesterPeter Chester5 일 전
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  • Wow looks like the project was built very quickly. In south Africa it would take 3 years to build just one turbine

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    • Lets not forget countless missing funds and tenders.

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  • I cannot believe the amount of steel and concrete involved in just one of these turbines. The amount of steel alone would require a huge smelter generating huge amounts of carbon to produce. Why do they have to be so huge with the turbines turning so slowly. Surely, a smaller one turning more rapidly would generate more electricity. And when the wind isn't blowing, no power.

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    • Somebody gets it, anybody else, times running out

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    • Absolutely.. the fallacy of renewable energy resources is revealed here in clarity.

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  • Have to sell a hell of a lot of electricity to pay for the purchase and installation of that windmill before they start making money.

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    • Somebody gets it, anybody else, times running out

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    • Amazing just now I knew how they put windmill

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  • Compete waste of money, wind turbines don’t work

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  • Be good to know what turbine models are featured

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  • Would be nice to know what is going on!!! What in the world are they building???

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    • REALLY!!! How much rebar is much concrete???? How BIG is it.... should I go on? How much money... should I go on?

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    • Seriously... It's wind turbine bro.

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  • Skilled up, the money was well worth it. It's not what you built but what everyone learns on the path of 🌈. 😂

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