You will be SHOCKED when see this powerful gun making process. Incredible bullet production process

2020. 05. 18.
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You will be SHOCKED when see this powerful gun making process. Incredible bullet production process.

In this video:
1. Holland & Holland
2. CartuchosTrust
3. VICTORY Ammunition
Time To 808 by MusicParadise
Dayly by MusicParadise
Tivinize by Sascha Ende

  • Dont

    Sumaiya IslamSumaiya Islam23 시간 전
  • 銃は手作りだがオートメーションの弾薬作り、余りにも簡単に出来上がるのには驚く。

    権兵衛名無権兵衛名無일 전
  • Wow I got a gun from *ghostgun2 on wickr*

    Blessing RechealBlessing Recheal일 전
  • Craftsmanship ❤️

    Mass OverrideMass Override7 일 전

    jeremiejeremie10 일 전
  • What are you busy doing?only to destroy the world.

    anne Ndukuanne Nduku12 일 전
  • Well I'm not shocked at all. What a load of rubbish mate

    Ahorse WithnonameAhorse Withnoname15 일 전
  • San xuat nhiu vao,roi tu ban nhau chik me tui may het

    thien acythien acy17 일 전
  • No information here. Nothing new. Meaningless video with music annoying as hell. Crap video in every respect.

    RichardofOzRichardofOz17 일 전
  • سبحان الله والحمدلله ولااله الا الله والله اكبر عدد خلقك وزنة عرشك ورضا نفسك ومداد كلماتك وملئ ماشئت💖💖 اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد و آله و صحبه و سلم تسليما كثيرا عدد خلقك وزنة عرشك ورضا نفسك ومداد كلماتك وملئ ماشئت 💖💕

    محمد الجهنيمحمد الجهني18 일 전
  • Amazing 🇳🇱👍

    Chef's ConfessionsChef's Confessions18 일 전
  • fanculo merde

    Roberto SerratriceRoberto Serratrice18 일 전
  • False pic associated, shows AR15 and they making double Barrell shotgun and shotshells

    Brian DePriestBrian DePriest19 일 전
  • These are shotguns your thumbnail should Ar 15 that was miss leading we like Ar & Ak 47 more then these shotguns

    Fursan*the knightFursan*the knight19 일 전
  • Amazing work 👏

    DIY KhanDIY Khan19 일 전
  • 장인 이시다👍👍👍👍

    칼질하는요리사칼질하는요리사19 일 전
  • 뭐가 충격이냐 말해바 어디가 충격이냐 말해바

    박스타박스타20 일 전
  • قوه القوه.. مشاء الله

    Omar AlhajOmar Alhaj20 일 전
  • Wheres the AR 15

    James TanJames Tan20 일 전
  • What fabulous craftmanship this video displays. Why is the company and country location not mentioned.

    barry8082barry808220 일 전
  • I like the contents of this video but i dislike it coz it was the 5th time i watched the same video with different attractive title names uploaded by different people. Please..... KOworld.....start recommending me to new creative contents,,🙏

    Chon KilongChon Kilong20 일 전
  • This level of craftmanship is, well, old world great. Regardless of the modern machinery, I really admire the intensity of the men's focus. Good for our younger brothers to watch.

    Property ProsProperty Pros21 일 전
  • Stop 🛑

    uk manchester Hasanuk manchester Hasan21 일 전

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  • Tem tanto anúncio no vídeo que eu desisti de assistir...😐😐😐

    Enoss CarvalhoEnoss Carvalho21 일 전
  • what do you consider to be the shocking bit? guns like this have been manufactured in the same "had crafted fashion" since....well there have guns.

    gwaviatorgwaviator21 일 전
  • What is with the false sensationalized headlines of all the videos on your channel?

    yf222000yf22200021 일 전
  • I am Shocked to see another Clickbait title with the Word Shocked in it..

    jim ljim l22 일 전
  • The people making those shotguns have some serious skills.

    Tmango 7Tmango 722 일 전
  • Can you make a bird 🐦? A real bird, a live one. Why you wiped out God's creation if you can't make one? 😫😩😏🙄

    Tommy CorderoTommy Cordero22 일 전
  • All hand made, must be very expansive.

    Ice HornetIce Hornet22 일 전
  • I'm sure very expensive and worth every cent.

    Samuel GallezzoSamuel Gallezzo22 일 전
  • The power is back !!!!!

    Marcin SzmandaMarcin Szmanda22 일 전
  • No safety glasses or PPE. Sad

    John SchotanusJohn Schotanus23 일 전
  • I didn't watch all of this video but the first part is from Holland and Holland own video which is way better than this, it's just a video made from another video watch the original

    Lisa MacGregorLisa MacGregor23 일 전
  • ショットガンが何故値が張る銃なのか、よく理解できる。まさに芸術品。

    117neko117neko23 일 전
  • Please share, and stick it to goooogle, //// I have dumped Google chrome, and now I am using DuckDuckgo as my browser, and this browser gives better search results than Google.

    Brian Is an AussieBrian Is an Aussie23 일 전
  • The real marvel is, whoever designs such machines to do this work. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

    Olicious66Olicious6623 일 전
  • Bruh where is the testing

    Anthony CubitaAnthony Cubita23 일 전
  • 911

    TOPTVTOPTV23 일 전
  • I seemed to have missed the ... !!! SHOCKING !!! ... part

    me2ontubeme2ontube23 일 전
  • Amazing video!!

    Jason DJason D23 일 전
  • Im Australian and do not have a love affair with guns but I love watching a master at work.

    Mr GrumpyMr Grumpy24 일 전
  • Beautiful craftsmanship

    mr mmr m24 일 전
  • Hmm looks like a Biden sponsored video. I expected to see how AR's are made and instead I see how 1800's era shot guns are made.

    arthur nievesarthur nieves24 일 전
  • Nice

    fery hfery h24 일 전
  • Great engineering and craftsmanship, but I'm not a gun person..

    Kevan HollidgeKevan Hollidge24 일 전
  • Helo, em muốn mua hàng bên anh có gửi về việt nam được không? Súng bên anh làm nhìn chất quá.

    Tai VuTai Vu24 일 전
  • Je n'ai pas du tout été choqué, il n'y a rien de choquant dans cette vidéo. J'ai été impressionné par la fabrication des cartouches et le sérieux des contrôles pendant cette fabrication, mais surtout par le travail artisanal de la fabrication des fusils. De vrais pros. C'est beau à voir et revoir.

    Jean Claude BlotJean Claude Blot24 일 전
  • Craftsmanship

    mark guthmark guth24 일 전
  • What the fuck does this video have to do with the thumbnail and title?

    BJBDFBJBDF24 일 전
  • accidentally cut the shocking part from video editing?

    Garage WorkshopGarage Workshop25 일 전
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    Ok & ncw Uc it's mark that King's r burying frcm usOk & ncw Uc it's mark that King's r burying frcm us25 일 전
  • thats what you get starting at 40k

    gypsy xxxgypsy xxx25 일 전
  • I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the shotguns and clicked on the link to price one......I only buy VERY high quality guns but this is outrageous!!! $140k for a shotgun? Gtfoh

    Spooby82Spooby8225 일 전
  • Eating the bread of the sorrows.How many countries these machinery are sold to especially very poor countries?How many lives are lost ????the manufacturing of these items makes some billionaires while millions live in sorrow and misery

    Winston C AaronsWinston C Aarons25 일 전
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    Irma HowardIrma Howard25 일 전
  • 썸네일은 군제식총이길래 들어왔더니 총기제작은 홀란드&홀란드 사냥총...퍼온거.

    최진용최진용25 일 전
  • c'est le stagiaire, qui a écrit le titre de cette vidéo ?!

    MAILMAIL25 일 전
  • Yeah. Um. I missed the AR part.

    Bradley WeissBradley Weiss25 일 전
  • Watched a video where supposedly these guys in Turkey were churning out hand made pistols. I doubted it. They didn’t show much actually. This is more of what I expected to see. And it’s interesting these guys stood at their benches and machines. As a machinist of 22 years I wondered what my boss would have thought if I sat around on the floor on a pillow while doing my work what he would have thought . Or how long I would be allowed to remain employed there.

    Bradley WeissBradley Weiss25 일 전
  • It ain't the car it's the drunk driver

    christopher condonchristopher condon25 일 전
  • 개멍멍이 광고를 몇개를 쳐넣은거야

    김YG김YG25 일 전
  • gunz 👍

    Breaking BoltsBreaking Bolts25 일 전
  • So shocked!!!!

    Edward CrawfordEdward Crawford26 일 전
  • Why so much hand tooling. A CNC machine can do a better job in 10% of the time.

  • Was more interested in seeing the ARs

  • Learned nothing. All "documentaries" with background music are crap.

    albert magicianalbert magician26 일 전
  • It's heartbreaking to see such amazing man power and talent went to making a thing that KILLS.

    DunDun26 일 전
    • It ain't the car it's the drunk driver behind the wheel

      christopher condonchristopher condon25 일 전
    • Dumb liberal yeah it's like that gun just jumped up and killed somebody you're the problem in society it's the human being behind it

      christopher condonchristopher condon25 일 전

    Ozzie Wozzie OriginalOzzie Wozzie Original26 일 전
  • 장갑을 안끼고 일들하네. 산업안전 ㅋ

    서울타워서울타워26 일 전
  • Those are Holland & Holland shotguns, about 30K per copy, or more.

    Greg R.Greg R.27 일 전
  • The incredible christopher annually close because eye lally damage despite a optimal married. muddled, mighty crowd

    Frosty MittensFrosty Mittens27 일 전
  • extraordinary classic weapons are done manually .... salute..👍 i like it...😁

    BORNEO 758BORNEO 75827 일 전
  • Why america producing huge number of these killing machines. So sad

    Asim KhanAsim Khan28 일 전
  • Where are the robots?

    Ab BaAb Ba28 일 전
  • It's a beautiful art

    Josh WiegersJosh Wiegers28 일 전
  • Sorry, but I was not SHOCKED....can I get my money back please?

    Joe CollinsJoe Collins28 일 전
  • The defective turnover suprisingly try because tyvek rhetorically queue underneath a envious man. loving, scrawny brochure

    Frosty MittensFrosty Mittens28 일 전
  • That is a time consuming hand crafted shotgun. Really like the etching / engraving part. Fancy and so detailed. Probably one pricey shotgun.

    Arthur RoblesArthur Robles29 일 전
  • In olden days materials were cheaper than labor. Just the reverse now.

    Edward DeSoignieEdward DeSoignie29 일 전
    • Edwars DeSoignie... Thanks .. You are absolute right

      Alexander J. ScheuAlexander J. Scheu24 일 전
  • Why double rifles cost so much.

    Edward DeSoignieEdward DeSoignie29 일 전
  • Keep um coming

    Andy F.Andy F.29 일 전
  • fine work price in us dollars?

    Nasir MahmoodNasir Mahmood개월 전
  • I was thinking, "What extraordinary craftsmanship," as I watched the shotguns being handmade. Then I read below the "SHOW MORE" banner and read, "Holland and Holland." Of course! All my questions were answered with seeing that name. Extraordinary, in deed.

    K. A. DavisonK. A. Davison개월 전
  • A bird should be very proud about being shot by such a finely crafted gun.

    Mike MayMike May개월 전
  • Gun worth the money!

    mario duranmario duran개월 전
  • clickbait...why show a bunch of AR uppers when its a old dude building a double barrel that ultimately will be a $40k plus that only the wealthy can afford...

    Rick N.Rick N.개월 전
  • I'm a plumber so I really appreciate blue collar / skilled labor...this video was AMAZING and these craftsmen are nothing short of SUPERB !!!

    Eternally Thankful 3771Eternally Thankful 3771개월 전
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    Alaa MohieddineAlaa Mohieddine개월 전
  • nice

    Naveed Akram KhanNaveed Akram Khan개월 전
  • Elinize emeğinize sağlık...

    Mehmet OLGUNMehmet OLGUN개월 전
  • This is a total ripoff of this video from Holland And Holland.

    Keith RushforthKeith Rushforth개월 전
  • I'm expecting M4 not double barrel. TD

    DNDN개월 전
  • Bullets are projectiles. None were made in this video. Cartridges/shells were, however. The process of making the components of the shotgun shells was presented in reverse order. Good video despite that.

    Gerald AdamsGerald Adams개월 전

    Roger SoCalBeachesRoger SoCalBeaches개월 전
  • Belle mécanique... même pas choqué; qui nous fait des titre pareils ??

    Domi DecobertDomi Decobert개월 전
  • That's why I love my Stoeger, double barrel 12 gauge coach gun so much.

    Rodan DannerRodan Danner개월 전
  • Beautiful video, very nice 👍

    Ralph ValkenhoffRalph Valkenhoff개월 전
  • I would love to work in a place like this

    Chris RuthfordChris Ruthford개월 전